What Do Certain Dreams Mean? – Learn The Secret Behind These 10

Humans have always been figuring out as to what do certain dreams mean. Dream is something we always get each night. Some early records for interpreting dreams were from Egypt, Greece and ancient Babylon. During ancient times, these societies used to consider dreams as a very sacred communication. However, after thousands of decades, psychologists named Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud interpreted the dreams depending on different concepts and theories. Dreams are actually depiction of humans’ unconscious desires and fears. So, what do dreams mean? This is something this article explains you about.

Note: The dream interpretation is subjective. What an expert interprets about a dream will be entirely different from the other.

What Do Certain Dreams Mean?

What Do Certain Dreams Mean?

1. Being Chased

People often get a dream as if they are chased by someone. Trust me, this is very horrifying because often chaser is usually a monster or an animal. This in turn creates a very frightening feel. you might be little shocked knowing that this kind of dream is commonly experienced by millions of people worldwide. So, what does this dream literally mean? It means that something or someone is trying to make you feel scared. It is the subconscious mind that tells that you are trying to avoid a frightening or painful emotion, issue or person.

2. Spiders

If you get dream about spiders then it indicates that a dreamer is either is manipulating or being manipulated of a particular situation or a person herself. If the spiders appearing in your dreams are poisonous then it might mean that corresponding dreamer is more concerned about venomous force. On the other hand, if a dreamer is scared of spiders, then a spider dream has different meaning too: he or she is trying to overcome the phobia.

3. Getting Naked In Public

So, what do dreams of nudity mean? Let me tell you that this is one of the most commonly experienced dreams and it represents the feel of exposed or vulnerable. The interpretation of this dream is that you are actually at a big disadvantage and you have no place to hide.

4. Sinking Or Falling

Next on what do certain dreams mean is none other than the dreams about you sinking or falling. It is a commonly experienced dream and there have been many myths on them. In such dreams, you will see yourself either sinking in water or falling from air to the ground. A person experiencing these kinds of dreams will lack support in their real life. Well, this is what the interpretation says. These dreams will usually be experienced when a person is overwhelmed with his or her life & he is set to give everything up. In case, you are someone, who is getting these dreams then evaluate your present situation & locate all the problems overwhelming you. Once you deal the, you won’t have such dreams further.

5. Losing Teeth

This might sound strange and rare but it certain people get them often. When you take it from evolutionary point, certainly your teeth are vital for survival. You will require them to have your food. So, what do certain dreams mean when it’s about losing teeth? Well, this has often been interpreted that the person experiences situations that erodes his or her confidence. The other meaning of such dreams is also that you are scared of being unattractive.

6. Dying Or Ill

These are one of the most commonly experienced dreams, wherein a person experiences himself/herself or loved one very injured, state of death or too ill. Not surprisingly, these dreams occur frequently at onset of a particular illness. So, what do certain dreams mean when its about illness, injury and death? Such dreams are interpreted that the person is either hurt emotionally or scared of being hurt. It can even be a warning sign of the upcoming health risks to either you or your loved one. On the other hand, if some other individual dies in your dream, then it means that you want them in your life always and you are too scared to lose them.

7. Flying

Yet another common dream is “flying”. Dreams regarding flying are connected with sexual ambitions. When you see yourself flying high up proudly then it literally means that you are very happy & boastful with your sexual life. On the other hand, when you try to fly but fail then it means that you are striking a lot / feeling sexually insufficient. While the other interpretation about this dream is that you are desiring to “reach higher” even in difficult circumstances & heavy responsibilities.

8. Trapped Or Lost

This is one of the most commonly experienced dream and trust me the feeling is horrible. This kind of dream typically occurs when the person is trying to look for ways to protect himself/herself from people or situations. When a person experiences a dream, where he or she sees being trapped, caught inside a web, buried alive or a situation where he/she is unable to even move – then it means features “extreme terror” and “unable to come with a right decision” in their real lives.

9. Failing A Particular Test

What do certain dreams mean when it is about failing few tests or seen failing something else? Let me tell you that people, who are dropped from school since long time, frequently experience these dreams. The scenarios of these dreams are different but often you see that you have been stopped from a test or failed in a test. It means that you are actually unprepared with something or the other in your life or you are doing something wrong in your life.

10. Missed Plane Or Train Or Boat

This is another commonly experienced dream worldwide. In these kind of dreams, you will often see yourself rushing for catching a train, plane, bus or boat but you suddenly miss it. This is usually happen within seconds. So, what does this dream mean? It means that you have actually missed a very important chance in your actual life. These dreams also occur when the person is struggling a lot to make a good decision.

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