Top 10 Most Dangerous Dogs In The World

Dogs have been domesticated by men since times immemorial. Dogs are always full of compassion and care for their masters. But some dogs can even become fierce, if they sense any danger around their owners or their properties. Most of the people play with dogs and can immediately influence them. On the other hand, some dogs are difficult to control even by their owners. In this article, we are going to tell you about the Top 10 Most Dangerous Dogs.

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Top Ten Most Dangerous Dogs In The World

  1. Caucasian Ovcharka
top 10 most dangerous dogs
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Caucasian Ovcharka is also called Caucasian Shepherd. Its breeding came into existence in order to save livestock. This breed is typically strong-willed, courageous and assertive. If the Caucasian Ovcharka is not trained in a proper way, it may behave ferociously towards human beings and may be very difficult to control. It is extremely defensive by nature.

2. Pitbull

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Certain breeds of dogs like Staffordshire bull terrier, American Pitbull Terrier, American bull dog, and the American Staffordshire terrier come under the term ‘pit bull’. They are believed to be the most dangerous dogs in America. Originally, they were used for dog fights at many places in the world. Earlier, they were also used to bait the bulls.

3. German Shepherd

10 most dangerous dogs

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As the name suggests, this breed of dog originated from Germany. In some European countries, German Shepherds are also called Alsatians. These dogs are fearless, vigilant, alert, intelligent and confident. They are also used by police for investigation purposes. They are over-protective. So they have to be trained to live in a social set up, or else they can harm other people.

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4. Rottweiler

top 10 most dangerous dogs
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These dogs are also called “Rottweil butchers”. The dogs of this breed are very powerful. Their genes are well herded and their guarding instincts are strong. Any undesired attacks are done by Rottweiler dogs only in cases of neglect, abuse, irresponsible ownership, lack of training and socialization.

5. Alaskan Malamutes

ten most dangerous dogs
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Alaskan Malamutes are related to the breed Siberian Husky. If these dogs are not subjected to proper physical activities regularly, then they can become very destructive and disobedient. They can be well trained for accompanying you to sports like mushings, carting, skijoring and bikejoring. They are very furious and you cannot rely on them as watchdogs. Also, it is very difficult to train them.

6. Huskies

top ten most dangerous dogs
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Huskies are used for pulling sleds in the Northern areas. They are different from other sled dogs due to their ability to pull faster. They are also utilized for adventure trekking and sled dog racing. They show strong predator instincts and are sometimes harmful to other dogs. If they are kept idle for longer times, they can be destructive.

7. Doberman Pinschers

top ten dangerous dogs
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The dogs of this breed are believed to be intelligent, loyal and alert. They are widely used as guard dogs. They usually attack only if they sense any threat or if they are provoked. This breed was developed by Karl Friedrich Louis Doberman, in 1890, in Germany. Hence, it is named as Doberman breed. They were used by police and guards as they are very aggressive. Moreover, their aggression is believed to be proportional to their size.

8. Chow Chow

one of the top dangerous dogs in the world
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They are independent,  but they need proper attention from their owners, or else they can grow ill-bred and aggressive. This breed has its origins in China. So it is also called ‘Songshi Quan’ or ‘Puffy Lion Dog’. These dogs are fierce when it comes to the protection of their owners. They can be dangerous to strangers. To keep them as pets, dog insurance is required, as it was noted that they caused 238 fatalities by biting people in the years 1979 to 1998. The owner has to give proper exercise and physical activities to the dog to prevent it from becoming destructive.

9. Great Dane

one among the dangerous dogs

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This breed was originally used to hunt deer and boar in Germany. It is also called Deutsche Dogge or German Mastiff. They are famous for having a great height. Great Dane dogs are very friendly towards their masters, but can show really aggressive characteristics towards strangers and other animals, if they sense some threat. They should be socially trained.

 10. Dalmatians

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They are very protective and friendly dogs. They can run for a long distance and are very powerful. In ancient times, they were used as dogs of war. Now, they have become mascots of the firehouse. The hunting instincts of these dogs are very strong.

By now, you know about the top 10 most dangerous dogs in the world. We will also like to tell you some Fun Facts About Dogs. Read further.

  1. Dogs are not completely color blind. It is just a myth. They can see few colors, not as many as humans can.
  2. There are no sweat glands in dogs except in paw pads.
  3. Ludehune is a breed of dog that can close its ears and has 6 toes.
  4. The mouth of a normal dog can exert a pressure of 150-200 pounds per square inch.
  5. The United States Of America has the highest number of pet dogs.
  6. On an average, city dogs live 3 years longer than country dogs.
  7. Obesity is the highest health problem occurring in dogs.
  8. Like humans have unique fingerprints, dogs have unique nose prints.
  9. The Chihuahua is the world’s smallest breed and the Wolfhound is the world largest breed.
  10. Poodle, Border Collie and Golden Retriever are believed to be smartest dogs in the world. On the other hand, Afghan hounds are believed to be the dumbest breed of dogs.
  11. The number of purebred dogs is about 703.
  12. Dogs have 100,000 times stronger sense of smell than the human beings.
  13. In the first few weeks after birth, puppies sleep almost 90% of the day.
  14. Dogs can mate with wolves to produce fertile offsprings.
  15. The Dalmatian dogs, which are famous for beautiful black spots on their bodies, are actually born completely white in color.
  16. The average lifespan of a dog is 15 years.
  17. Dogs are descendants of wolves.
  18. All dogs have 321 bones and 42 teeth, irrespective of their breed.
  19. Cesky Terrier is the rarest breed of dogs.
  20. Dogs judge objects in an order of movement, brightness and shape.

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