How To Make Yourself Taller? – 5 Real Tricks Behind

Looking taller is the dream of millions but very few are gifted naturally. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot improve your height and make yourself look taller. No! In fact, there are certain ways to accomplish it. So, how to make yourself taller? This is something I am going to talk about in this article. Take a look.

How To Make Yourself Taller?

How to make yourself taller

Before I list you the tips to make yourself look taller, I would like to tell a fact that there is nothing in this world that can be achieved overnight. Everything requires time and therefore, you require 2 things

  • Patience
  • Dedication

These two things will help you to achieve whatever you want to.

The height of a person is determined exactly by their genetics and other environmental factors. Once the growth plates are closed, height remains the same until what it has grown. So, just before the door closes, you need to work little to accomplish your dream height. To do this, just follow what is given below.

1. Stretch Every Morning

The initial tip on how to grow taller begins by stretching every morning after you wake up. When you stretch, you will actually be fighting against the gravity’s natural effects. When you do this consistently on a daily basis, gradually you will be able to notice that you have grown few inches. So, what kind of stretching exercises can actually help you out? Check these ou

A. The Mountain Pose

how to grow taller

Your feet has to be inside and closed (equivalent to shoulders’ width), tailbone has to be tucked towards the heels and belly button has to be sucked in. Just look at the above picture to understand better. Now, move the shoulder blades down and back. Then stretch the head upwards the ceiling and hold for a minute. Repeat for few times.

B. The Downward-Facing Dog Pose

how to make yourself look

When it comes to the question how to grow taller naturally, this exercise works great. Start on “fours” with the help of your hands and legs. Your hands have to be in the front side of shoulders (refer the picture). Then lift the knees from floor, straighten the legs & push the heels toward floor. Finally, breathe deeply and repeat this step for a couple of times.

C. Supported Backend

how to look taller

This is another exercise that helps you to look taller soon, if you practice every single day in the morning. You need to lay back with the help of cylindrical pillow (refer picture) below the shoulder blades & rolled-up blanket below your neck. Now, open your palms and arms facing upwards. Breathe deeply and repeat this step every day.

D. Reclining Twist

how to make yourself look taller

This is another great way to support in making you look taller. Just tuck the chin slightly. Open your palms and arms up (refer picture. Breathe in & bring the knees close to chest. Once you exhale, just lower the legs to right side. Again, breathe deeply and do the same with left side.

2. Stay Away From Growth-Stunting Factors

Even if you highly dedicated in working out to make yourself look taller but if you are involved in smoking, alcohol and drugs those hard efforts you are taking to look taller are useless. It not only impedes your growth but also invites many harmful diseases. Therefore, it is better to stay away from it.

3. Have A Good Sleep

When it comes to how to make yourself grow taller, just note this tip down. Studies claim that potentially growing pre-teens and teenagers require from 8.5-hours to 11-hours of sleep each night. Why? The body grows & regenerates the tissues while you are at rest. Sleep a minimum of 8 hours if you are a teenager and make sure that the sleeping environment is calm.

4. Eat Right

One of the major reasons as to why you may not be growing taller is lack of essential nutrients. Therefore, you need to eat right and eliminate all the junks. Focus on natural foods like fruits, nuts and green vegetables. They can enhance the overall process of height growth.

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5. Practice Good Body Posture

Yes, even your posture has to be good. This has a huge impact on your height too. Hunching over or rolling the shoulders can affect the growing spine’s curvature. This isn’t good at all. You need to keep the shoulders back straight, chin high & hips over the feet. You need to walk steadily and straight rather than slinking or slouching. Sit straight. Even though you aren’t trying to get taller, these simple posture habits can actually help you look better and taller.

I hope you enjoyed reading about how to make yourself taller. Feel free to drop your comments below.

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