12 Awesome Tips: How To Get Your Girl Friend Back?

Breaking up can be quite heart breaking at times. Many people would advise you to just forget everything and move on with your life. But it is better said than done. You want to fight for her because you feel that she is someone who can’t be replaced. So you just wish that everything that led to your breakup had never happened at all. If you feel that this is the very state of your mind, read on to know to how to get your girlfriend back. You will get to know how you can approach her for another chance.

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How To Get Your Ex Girl Friend Back?

  1. Send her a message: Absence sometimes makes one’s heart to grow fonder, but sometimes it makes one to seek out another partner. So, try to reconnect with her through a sweet message. Let it be about something loving that you both shared. Your text should be able to bring her back those wonderful memories. Write to her something like “Today, I passed by Mac Donald’s, and happened to see our favorite location. It brought back the memories of our togetherness. Hope you are doing well?” If your ex responds back, chances are that she too is interested. Be prepared to receive a negative response too. This can happen if you have hurt her too much.
  2. Be slow: It is true that you have already romanced her once, but that does not mean that you can get off immediately at a fast pace. Work in a slow and steady manner just like the first time when you both began your love life. Never be pushy in getting back together, as you may end up repelling her away from you.
  3. Call her: If she has shown some response to your initiatives, it is time that you give her a call. You can suggest a casual date with her over the phone. Upon hearing your voice, she may feel that you are taking some sincere efforts on getting back together again. Let your togetherness be planned at a relaxed environment so that there is not much pressure on you. Also bear in mind that just because she has accepted your invite she is interested in getting back with you. And, if she disagrees, don’t get upset. Give her enough time so that she can come around on her own. Another important thing is to bear in mind that you should not show yourself as desperate to get her back. Desperateness is quite unattractive and it can repel her far away from you.
  4. Say that you miss her: If your girl accepts your date invite, talk to her easily. Ask her what she has been lately doing, about her work, if her cat is fine – or whatever. Just ease in! After this, open up saying that you miss her and need her back. Getting vulnerable this way may win you a second chance with her. You need not talk of everything that went wrong with your relationship. It is good to keep it light. Talk of those good times that you had together.
  5. Own up: This is the next step that you should take if she seems open. Acknowledge your mistakes without hinting anything about her shortcomings. Owning up on your part will help her forgive you if she holds anything bitter against you. This will enable you to get your ex girl friend back.
  6. Do not recall the past wrongs: After acknowledging, look into what has to be done next to get her back. Do not start recalling everything that you think was wrong that led to the breakup. Concentrate on those attributes that brought you both together in the first place, such as that wonderful sense of humor, or that helping tendency in you.
  7. Make use of the friend group: Yes you want to start everything afresh, but loving feelings of the olden days need to be tapped into too. Getting together in familiar environment provides for an easy way to recreate the happy times of your togetherness. You can plan for a trip with the group of mutual friends. Just ensure that you can easily detach yourself from the group to talk with each other. It will help you get comfortable with one another, and pave way for another start. When she gets easy with you, find the right time to convey your interest in her.
  8. Do not give comparison notes: It’s true that you both broke up, and had separated lives, but that does not mean that you should talk about all that you underwent. Don’t start giving her details on the bad dates that you had or the ones that were awesome. She is not there to listen to those. Think this way, would you like to hear about the guys she met with during these days of separation? Obviously, you won’t. It is the same with her too.
  9. Add some romantic gestures: If you are still wondering how to get your girl friend back, then old fashioned romantic gestures are great options. Age old tactics like sending chocolates, flowers, cards, etc work like magic. Let it seem legit, not cheesy. You can send a love note, a poem or a letter along with any of the above.
  10. Buy her a ring: If you absolutely sure about this girl, buying her a ring can bring sure success. Since at most times, break ups are usually backed by issues related to commitment, taking such a bold move can help restore her faith in you. There is a high chance that she will be yours once again.
  11. Incorporate some positive changes in your appearance: Make some positive changes in your appearance. This way you will feel new and better. You can have your hair cut, get your teeth cleaned, get in shape, and/ or buy new clothes. So, when your ex girl friend sees you the next time, she will be seeing a new you. This may kindle her interest for you.
  12. Make some positive changes in your attitude: Making yourself more confident and happier is something very important in to get a girl back. You need to work on yourself to incorporate these in you. You can meditate, go out with friends, take up a new course, learn a hobby, etc.

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