How Much Do Respiratory Therapists Make?

A respiratory therapist is one of the members of the health care team. An individual can be a respiratory therapist for as long as they have graduated from a university with a major of respiratory therapy and have passed a national board certifying examination. These professionals work most often in the intensive care units and operating theatres, but respiratory therapists are also commonly found in the outpatient department and home-health environments. Respiratory therapists are therapists, experts in cardiology and pulmonology concepts.

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They are advanced-practice clinicians in establishing, maintaining and managing of airway, especially when the patient is in trauma, needs intensive care or may need respiratory or inhalant anesthesia for surgery or conscious sedation. The respiratory therapists are often responsible of initiating and managing life support for patients who are confined in the intensive care units or emergency departments to be able to stabilize, treat and manage the patient before and during the transport to the hospital whether by air or ground ambulance. Being a respiratory therapist is indeed a noble job and has been one of the highest numbers for enrolees in the medical field.  However, considering all the effort that they need to offer for their job, how much do respiratory therapists make?

how much do respiratory therapists make

United States of America

The respiratory therapist in the USA has an average pay of $57,880 every year in 2013. They can earn a pay akin to other hospital workers. Comparing with other professions, radiologic technologists had an average annual salary of $56,760, and occupational therapist assistant’s salary was almost the same with the respiratory therapists. On the other side, registered nurses are paid about $68, 910 while diagnostic medical sonographers have a salary of about $67,170 or even $10,000 more. The technicians in the clinical laboratory and nursing aides earn less than the other professions. They have about $40, 240 and $25, 020 correspondingly. The reports from the BLS said that the highest-paid respiratory therapist has had $76,750 and the person who was paid the lowest amount had received a salary of $41,110.  California is a good place for Respiratory therapists because they are being paid with a good salary. In Sacramento California, the average annual salary for them is about $85,020. While in San Jose California, the salary for respiratory therapist is about $86,620 every year. Another good city in California is Vallejo because respiratory therapists in this area can receive $85,020 per annum. Lastly, in Oakland California, those who have majors in respiratory therapy and working diligently can receive $88,000 annual salary.  For the question of how much does a respiratory therapist make – in San Francisco listed as one of the best cities in the USA, respiratory therapists can receive $90,230 annual salary.

United Kingdom

According to statistics, the salary of respiratory therapists in the United Kingdom is really great. They can earn about $29,209 every year. The good side for this country is that most respiratory therapists are being paid with an hourly wage of about $15. Age is a really important factor for respiratory therapists. The older they get, the higher the income they can receive. For respiratory therapists who are on their 20’s can earn about $21,907 per year. For those who are on their 30’s respiratory therapists can receive an annual salary of $28,626. While for those respiratory therapist whose age is about 40’s to 50’s, they can earn an annual salary of $33,886.

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Respiratory therapists in Australia are being paid with very good money. They are also considered one of the important members of the health care team. The average annual salary of respiratory therapist in Australia is about $38,531. If a person is registered with respiratory therapy then they can earn higher amount at about $61,795. If the respiratory therapist is already expert on the field and has gained a lot of experience, their salary may again increase and may go up to $103,234 every year. In Australia, experience is equal to a higher wage. The higher the experience is, then the better the money that they can get.


Canada is known for its good quality of education and booming economy. Immigrants are increasing and are a good gateway for healthcare professionals from other countries. Respiratory therapists are being paid with an hourly amount that ranges from $17 to $30. The wage per hour can gradually increase if their experience goes higher as well. The amount of their salary can go as high as $54 per hour. Aside from their base salary some benefits or bonuses can also be given by some hospitals and the amount may be $4,455 every year. As a whole, a respiratory therapist can receive a salary ranging from $33,201 to $61,745 per year. The respiratory therapists in Canada can really earn a high amount of salary for as long as they gain more experience and they do their work well. 

Over all according to the statistics bureau in the United States, the average annual salary of respiratory therapists is around $56,260 while the average hourly salary is about $27.  The lowest paid occupational respiratory therapist assistant can earn less than $39,990 per annum, while the best respiratory therapist in the world are being paid $73,410 annually.  According to percentile statistics the average salary for registered respiratory therapists is around $67, 804 every year.  At the same time, the 75 percent of respiratory therapists are earning $63,615.  The twenty five percent of the registered respiratory therapists receive an amount of $54,690.  Ten percent of the registered respiratory therapists can earn a salary of $50,753 per year.  Being a respiratory therapist may be a critical job because the health status of patients may be depending upon their assessments, but even though they have such a notable job the hospitals are giving them a very reasonable amount of salary per year.   The education that they will have to invest to become registered respiratory therapist may also be high but the salary that they can get when they are working may already bring back their investment after working some time.  Some hospitals even give them some bonus and unique benefits that can surely motivate them from working more.

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