Interesting Facts: How Long Does Imodium Last?

When talking about over-the-counter medications, one of the most popular is perhaps Imodium. It is a staple in the medicine cabinet of many people. If you are going to be biking for an extended period or traveling in a country that is new for you, chances are, this is one that you will have in your first aid kit. There are also many questions that will most probably surround your mind. What is Imodium? What is it used for? How long does Imodium last? Are there other alternatives that can prove to be effective? Stop being surrounded with these questions. Do not keep guessing. Read the rest of this post and we will provide you with valuable insights.

How Long Does Imodium Last?

How Long Does Imodium Last

What Is Imodium?

To begin with, let us first take a look at what Imodium is. Also known as Loperamide Hydrochloride, this medication is commonly used for diarrhea. This is going to effectively slow down the movement of your gut, lessen the possibility of having watery stool, and decrease bowel movement.

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What Does It Do?

As it has been mentioned, the main reason why people take Imodium is to treat diarrhea. In an ideal situation, your intestines must be able to function normally. Your food must also be able to transport smoothly from the stomach all the way to the small intestine and to the colon. Your cells in the small intestines will be responsible for the absorption of nutrients and fluids. Nonetheless, there are also instances where these cells may end up being irritated, and hence, it won’t be able to perform absorption that is required. This is where diarrhea enters the picture.

With the help of Imodium, the pace of digestion will be slowed down. This will provide the small intestine with sufficient time to be able to absorb the nutrients and fluids from the foods you have just consumed. This is going to effectively slacken digestion. More than such, it is also taken by people who are suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.

How Long Does Imodium Last?

This is perhaps one of the most common from the questions asked by people who are taking Imodium. From the time it is taken, within just an hour, you can already feel its immediate effects. If it is just simple diarrhea, Imodium lasts for about three to four hours in your system. In some cases, it can last for up to eight hours. However, keep in mind that nothing is definite. It can vary largely from one individual to another. What you drank and ate will also have an impact on how long the effects will last.

What are the Side Effects?

While it is indeed true that taking Imodium can have its benefits, it is important to note that it can also lead into side effects, with some of the most common being constipation, drowsiness, dizziness, tiredness, stomach pain, bloating, burning sensation in your eye, sore throat, and incomplete bowel movements. In rare cases, taking Imodium can also lead into dry mouth, rashes, skin allergies, and acidity, among others.

How Can You Prevent and Treat Diarrhea?

  • Drink clean water all the time. If possible, use only bottled water to be sure that it is clean, even if you are just brushing your teeth. In remote areas, such as in campsites, it will help if you will have a portable water filter.
  • God hygiene is also necessary in order to prevent diarrhea. With this, it is important to wash your hands all the time, especially after touching pets and before you eat.
  • Taking probiotics will also be helpful. Yogurt is one of the best sources of good bacteria that can help to counteract the effects of diarrhea. This will balance the bacteria in your gut and will be especially important if you are taking antibiotics.
  • When it comes to the treatment of diarrhea, aside from Imodium, another solution that can prove to be highly effective would be activated charcoal, which can be taken in the form of capsules. It will help to eliminate toxins that can cause diarrhea.
  • If you are looking for natural treatments for diarrhea, one that can prove to be effective as well would be taking fresh ginger root tea. It is safe and non-toxic, so you won’t have any worries in consuming such. Green banana is another natural solution that can prove to be promising.

By now, we hope that you know more about Imodium. It can be helpful for you to combat diarrhea, but there are also other things that should be taken into consideration, including those that have been mentioned above. Always be careful about what medicine to take and make sure that it is taken based on the directions that have been specified. If you notice that your condition is worsening or if adverse side effects are being apparent, stop its use.

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