High Protein Diet Plan To Help You Lose Weight

High protein diet plans are at all times popular with the athletes but now it is admired even by many regular dieters. People who don’t exercise can eat quite moderate foods that are rich in proteins whereas people as well as athletes, who are on diets of muscle building must eat about 1gm/lb of body-weight so that one can easily build muscle. Good high protein diet plans are always followed by most of the bodybuilders.If you wish to lose some weight or build muscle, a high protein diet plan can assist you in achieving your goal. Consuming large protein amounts and reduced carbohydrate amounts helps you in below ways:

High Protein Diet Plan To Help You Lose Weight
  • It helps you to burn energy gradually
  • It assists in sustaining stable sugar levels in blood
  • A good high protein diet plan can even maintain very strong pancreas
  • A high protein diet plan, if followed in he right way, can assist you in sustaining healthy weight

High Protein Diet Plan Tips for safe weight loss

The diets that are literally rich in carbohydrates will lead you to obesity whereas the low carb foods, enriched in proteins are proved to be best weight loss plan while retaining you with good amount of energy. Protein is an ideal fuel when it comes to muscle building. When you do intensive training and weightlifting, a high protein diet plan is very important. Most of the high protein foods can also be low in saturated fats and carbohydrates. To pick up the pace towards weight loss, you will have to lessen carbohydrates by consuming fewer calories. This can be achieved literally by a high protein diet plan. The number of times you intake protein foods per day plays a very vital role.

There are generally 3 major parts for a high protein diet plan and which you must know about.

1. Partition or split your meals: It is seriously vital to encourage the body that you’re literally not dieting. Rather than a 3 full meals in a day, try to eat 5 to 6 times in day in little quantities with some gap interval of 2 to 3 hours. You need to make sure that they aren’t full meals; it has to be just half.

2. Cut out the white carbs: An important thing while consuming high protein diet is that, you need to ensure that you are consuming all sorts of foods that are rich in proteins. Some of the foods are: lean meats, fruits, vegetables and you should never take bread, rice, potatoes or anything which is white carbohydrate. The white carbs have low water and contain high carbohydrate content and will never do good for you. Veggies and fruits will give all sorts of minerals and vitamins and has high water content. Therefore, make sure that you aren’t taking too much carbs.

3. Make the meals 50-50: Ensure that your diet has half vegetables and half meat. The protein will help in protecting your muscles while you lose your weight. Therefore you will be losing fat rather than your muscles.

Apart from the above things, you need to drink plenty of water. You need to at least drink 10 glasses of water in a day. This will help you keep full as well as hydrated. It will assist in metabolizing all the proteins.

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Can high protein diet plan really help you in losing your weight?

The answer to this question is absolutely a big “YES”! Proteins are the raw building stuffs required for a human body. Each year our body produces about 98% of fresh new cells. These cells are formed with the help of food we consume, particularly food items that are rich in protein. Proteins are the major building blocks of our body. Body structures which are made out from protein will basically include hair, bones, nails, skin, muscles, connective tissues etc.

High Protein Diet Plan To Help You Lose Weight

Proteins are seen in: green leafy vegetables, legumes, grains, beans etc. Though they have some essential proteins, they aren’t taken as complete food as they lack few vital amino acids. These complete proteins can be fulfilled with the help of animal sources like meat and eggs. If you are a vegetarian, then you can fulfill it with milk. No doubt that a High protein diet plan helps in fast weight loss. This kind of diet will be more easygoing when compared to other diets. The basic concept behind taking a high protein food is that one can consume as much of food he or she want and that are rich in lean-protein but has to be in lesser proportions. Consuming a lot of processed meat like hot deli meat or hot dogs or beef can damage your health to an extreme extent. These foods have increased fat proteins, which often directs towards Type II Diabetes. You need to concentrate only on lean protein and avoid fat protein diets. As said earlier, you can intake lot of food but it has to be lean proteins with appropriate proportions. Foods items, which are rich in lean protein are an ideal solution towards a nice high protein with reduced carbohydrate diet.

List of foods that contain high protein are as follows:

  • Fish
  • Milk
  • Beans
  • Shellfish
  • Turkey breast
  • Chicken breast
  • Eggs (limited yolks)
  • Red meats that are lean
  • Dairy products that are low in fat
  • Protein powders that are whey based

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