What Is The Best Way To Lose Weight Fast ?

You are 10, 20, 30 or even more over weighted. You have dieted for some long years. Had lost the weight and then put it back? Why it is happening? Is it mean dieting does not work? If so what is the best way to lose weight ? Let me tell you the answers for all your questions.

When you put calorie restriction again and again, it alters your metabolism. It’s the reason why people who undergo some hard weight loss dieting program gain weight back in double.

Number of over weighed people is on the raise all over the world especially in America. People are keep going on with their diet with the hope they will achieve their desired weight loss. Some have reached the stage of frustration too. To be frank, there exists no magic bullet to lose your extra pounds.  However, there are steps you should take to lose extra pounds in a safe way for good.

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Common myth “eat less, move more” does not make any sense at all. Instead, what you eat will only matters.

best ways to lose weight fast

Let me tell me you a dirty little secret. Refined carbohydrates like simple starches and sugar, are the ultimate reason why people are fighting a losing battle now.  Carbohydrates are energy giving substances when it goes unused, get deposited in your body as fat. Now you understand why exercises are playing a vital part in any weight lose diet program?

Although food manufacturers have started to fill the super market shelves with the low fat and no fat foods, all these products have added sugar i.e., processed carbohydrates. It’s the reason why consuming these foods makes you fatter than before.

As you are searching the best ways to lose weight fast, I came up with the essential 12 recommendations. When you follow these you will gain more valuable benefits like more energy, fittest body and healthier you.

1.Start Your Day With The Healthy Breakfast

When you eat breakfast it revs up your metabolism. As opposite to this, when you skip your breakfast you end up with eating more calories. Study conducted with the people who have lost weight and stayed fit for more than 5 years, we have found one common thing. They didn’t miss out their breakfast. Remember filling your tummy with the hot pockets, pop-tarts and donuts will increase your calorie intake. Healthy alternatives include cooked oatmeal, whole grain breads, cereals, eggs (not more than 3 per week) and tofu with a salad.

2. Say Bye Bye To Calorie Counting

Foods that are sugar free, fat free and refined also nutrient free. These foods cannot make you feel fuller for long as the nutrient rich foods do. Start to eat nutritious foods like lean meats, vegetables, healthy fat and whole foods. Once you start to eat nutritious foods and utilize the energy through physical activities, automatically your body will come to its healthy weight. Eating nutrient dense foods are one of the best ways to lose weight fast.

3. Fill Your Refrigerator With The Fresh Veggies

Always have some veggies and fresh foods in the refrigerator in a washed state. So whenever you feel hungry, instead of eating the junk foods  grab these fresh foods. You can also keep them in your bag so that you can satisfy your hunger on the go when you need.

4. Say No To Dieting Soda

Diet drinks actually increase your craving on sweets. Actually people who drink these weight loss drinks adds extra calories to their body throughout the day. Alternatively you can choose to drink plain water or iced tea or a lime juice (non sweetened)

5. Follow Plate Method For Your Meal

While you are searching what is the best way to lose weight, you might have come across the theory of “Plate method”. Incorporate this into your daily routine. In this method you have to fill 1/2 of your plate with the non starchy veggies such ascauliflower, string beans, broccoli, mushrooms, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, leafy greens and fresh fruits. 1/4 of your plate must be filled with bulgur, brown rice, barley and starchy veggies like beans, corn or potatoes. Fill remaining 1/4 of your plate with protein like sautéed, broiled, roasted or baked, turkey or fish chicken without skin, eggs, lean meat or tofu.

6. Cut Down On Carbs

If you ask what is the best way to lose weight, anyone can suggest you to cut down on carbs. It’s a hard truth. When you eat refined carbs generally in the form candy, scones, cake, cookies, fruit juice, breads and soda these will turn into fat when you don’t burn it. Fruits like yogurt and some breakfast cereals too stuffed with the loads and loads of sugar. So it is suggestible to replace fruity yogurt with the plain one, opt for high fiber and low carb cereal. However add a small quantity of fat to your meals using avocado slices, olive oil and unsalted seeds, nuts.

7. Cut down The Size Of Your Lunch and Dinner Plates

What is the size of your dinner plate? Is it exceeds 10 inches? Okay, shrink its size to 9 or 10 inches in diameter. We tend to eat all in front of us. So when you use smaller plates, you will be satisfied with the less food. Shrinking the size of the plate is yet another best ways to lose weight fast.

8. It’s Okay To Have A Non Healthy Foods Now And Then

Restricting something you love to eat will make you feel deprived. If your desired food is unhealthy, eat it now and then in very small portions. But if you have any medical reason to not to do so, stay away from those completely

9. Be Careful When You Eat Out

Eating out? Ask your server to double the amount of healthy veggies in the place of rice and potato. When you do this, you can enjoy the benefit of healthy meal with less carbs. Have a habit of sharing your foods.So if someone orders a desert, everyone will have it only in spoon size.

10. Stay Away From The Tempting Foods

Try to fill your refrigerator and pantry with the healthy foods. When you do so, you are creating a healthy environment. Go for a treat out only occasionally.
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11. Encourage Everyone To Have A Healthy Food

Make your family members to eat healthy with you. It will be more effective when it’s a team effort. When you enlist your family members, remember you are making them to reap the benefit along with you.

12. Complement Yourself

Inner thoughts play a vital role on our every actions. Suppress your inner critics and make a habit of complementing yourself  for even a very small positive thing you have done on that day. For example if you have replaced a plate of pizza with veggies, complement yourself.  Do you have an inner thought that tells you will never succeed? Do you slap yourself for eating bowls of ice creams? Stop! Quiet your inner critic. Whenever you feel low, head out for a short walk, read some books, talk to your friends or hear some music. More importantly tell yourself you are the best, you will achieve whatever your vision may be.

13. Start your Day With Exercises

If you are sick of following the hard diet plans, consider to start your beautiful day with any kind of exercise you are okay with. Primary goal behind any weight loss program is fat burning. It goes without saying, when you do exercise  it will help you shed the unwanted calories.

We have plenty of weight exercises to start with.


It is one of the most effective best ways to lose weight fast. Run and get sweat in the morning. The more you sweat, the more you lose weight.


Consider bicycling for 30 minutes regularly. You can prefer either indoor or outdoor to do this great cardio exercise. 30 mins of bicycling can make you lose around 250 to 500 calories.

Jumping rope

It’s one of the super easy best ways to lose weight fast. Apart from helping in weight loss this cardio exercise can give you a slim fit body everyone are dying for.

Tune yourself to adopt all the above discussed things and complement yourself for finding solution for what is the best way to lose weight finally.

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