15 Best Places To Live In The World

best places to live in the world

Improving civilization and working towards raising the standard of lifestyle are basic human tendencies. We may be residing in any part of the world, but we are always keen to know about the best places to live in the world. Moreover, reading is like an escapade into any desired land. Through this article, we have tried to tell you about such places on our globe and take you on a virtual journey.

15 Of The Best Places To Live In The World

  1. Tampa, U.S.A.
best places to live int the world

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If you are tired of a busy and chaotic life, Tampa is one peaceful city, to settle in. It has fewer tourists. It has a river, bay and warmth. It has good schools, hospitals and restaurants. Moreover, there are attractive museums too.

  1. Perth, Australia
most preferred place to live in the world
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Swan River flows through the city of Perth. It is a great tourist attraction. Moreover, its economy and infrastructure are great. It has a Mediterranean climate. If you wish to have a life with high standard living and good health, Perth is a suitable place for you.

  1. Zurich, Switzerland
best places to live in world
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Zurich is a city with a vibrant culture. It is the wealthiest city in Switzerland. This city is situated at the meeting of a lake and a river. If you wish to spend some important years of your life with the beautiful gifts from nature, you can consider living in Zurich, surely.

  1. Montreal, Canada
top places to live in the world
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If you are a fun-loving person and are looking out for the city that suits your personality, Montreal can provide you all of them. This city is famous for its mouth-watering fusion cuisines and magnificent festivals. This city is like cultural capital of Canada. Though, this city gets harshly chilly in peak winter times, it still keeps you entertained throughout the year.

  1. Chicago, U.S.A.
top living cities in the world
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If you want to get yourself involved in various activities in your life, this Windy City will blow your mind away, with its diverse culture. This city is a sports maniac. The art and architecture include uniquely designed buildings, street art, pieces from great artists, awesome art galleries etc. Chicago gives you options to eat food from vivid ethnicities. This city is famous for its music festivals too.

  1. Tokyo, Japan.
top living cities in the world
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If you are always in the search for something new, Tokyo will never disappoint you. This city is a cradle to many innovations and technological advancements. Tokyo Sky Tree is the tallest tower in the world, which is an example of Tokyo’s potential in the field of architecture. This city maintains pace with the changing trends, constantly.

  1. Vienna, Austria
top preferred city to live in the world
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This city holds royal history and contemporary museums. Vienna has a happening nightlife and delicious foods. At the same time, it has many quite corners too. The cosy cafes in Vienna are always there to provide a feeling of serenity. The city has a never ending love for music. Moreover, the pubs will always keep you entertained. Vienna has a great transportation system.

  1. Vancouver, Canada
preferred city to live in the world
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Vancouver is a city of friendly neighborhoods. It has dazzling vistas and wonderful joints to dine and drink. Vancouver is like the food capital of Canada. This city also ranks in its scenic beauty due to the snow covered mountains and sandy beaches. You can go skiing, mountain biking, kayaking and so many other sports.

  1. Melbourne, Australia
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Melbourne has always managed to engulf its name in the surveys for best cities, over the years. It is the cultural capital of Australia. It is cosmopolitan and dynamic, both. Melbourne has vivid restaurants, bars, cafes, festivals etc. Sports are like a religion in this city. People of Melbourne take a great interest in cricket, football, tennis, horse-racing, Formula One car racing.

  1. Singapore
one of the top best cities to live in the world

Singapore is all about giant malls and bright lights. It has some of the best sci-fi gardens in the world. It has history and depth, contemporary art and ancient rainforests. Singapore is rightly called the ‘City in a Garden’. The cuisine in this city is a delightful experience. Cheapest to costliest shopping options in Singapore are like retail therapy.

  1. Sydney, Australia
best city preferred by tourists to live in the world
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If you wish to live in a well-organized city, Sydney is a great option for you. Sydney is a beautiful city with an exquisite harbour. The beaches are lovely places to hang out. Melbourne is also ringed with National parks. This place is full of actors, models, stockbrokers, writers, architects, foodies etc.

  1. Paris, France
one of the best places to live in the world
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Paris may be one costly city to live in. But for those who can afford, it is like a heaven. This city holds some of the best monuments of architectural skills. Paris is all about mouth-watering cuisines and chic boutiques. The whole city speaks a language of art, in different forms.

  1. Osaka, Japan
top best places to live in the globe
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Osaka is an ultra-urban city. People are hard-working and they even manage to maintain a good balance in life. This city may not appeal to you much with its scenic beauty. But it is considered as one of the safest places to live in the world. Osaka is a city of bustling markets, delicious food and a splendid nightlife.

  1. Dallas, U.S.A.
few safe cities to live in the world
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Dallas is one of the best cities to raise a family. This city has many private and public schools. There are lots of extra-curricular activities going on throughout the city to learn new things. At the river, you can keep yourself occupied with activities like fishing, photography, paddling, camping, archery etc.

  1. Toronto, Canada
some safe cities to live in the world
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Toronto is a city with amalgamation of different cultures. There are over 140 languages spoken here. Toronto is full of funky bars, clubs, finest restaurants and cultural festivals. The infrastructure in Toronto is worth noticing. Winters are harsh, but that can be overruled by the liveliness that the city provides.

These were some of the best places to live in the world. The most suitable type of town or city depends on your preference and age. Some people may be looking out for a place to spend the years after retirement in peace and in the company of nature. Some may be ambitious for their carriers and wanting to raise a family in a good atmosphere, simultaneously. Some may be interested in a busy and fun-filled life while some may prefer country living. Whatever your circumstances and choice may be, it is important to stay happy in life.

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