What Kind Of Car Should I Buy?



It is everybody’s dream to have a car. It is that dream we start seeing at our very young age. The color, size, and model, everything is decided at that time only. The only thing used to be left is to earn money, go to the showroom and buy the car. How simple it used to seem when we were young. But when we grow up we come to know that how hard it is to get the car of our dreams. Therefore, it becomes our helplessness that we have to move on to some other car that fits our requirements and the most important thing, our budget. It is never fruitful to be a greedy one, therefore, you must compromise in your choices, if you do not need that thing or you do not have sufficient amount, because it is very difficult to survive in this competitive world and it is more difficult to earn money nowadays. So, in this article we are helping you out in informing you about the numerous factors that you must focus on while you buy or start planning to buy the car. Do not overlook these factors as these will help you a lot in deciding which car you must buy. So, let’s look on those factors. But before looking at those factors, let’s look at what all categories are available for you in the cars, what are their different factors that distinguish them from each other.

 what kind of car should i buy

Categories Of The Cars

The different categories of cars that are available today in the market are described below:


Small Cars

The small cars are primarily known for their lower running costs, lower CO2 emissions and lower advance payments, when compared with the other larger cars. Apart from this, these smaller cars have larger 2-3 doors cars or have the wider doors with the larger angles of openings. These larger angels of openings makes the access in and out of the car easier, however, parking these kind of cars, closing the doors may be a little bit difficult. If a car has 4-5 doors, then they may help the passengers to get down from the back side of the car, which is helpful even if you often have more than one passenger in the car.

Medium Cars

The second category that comes is of the medium cars. These medium cars are generally available in the form of hatchbacks and will have a slightly larger boot as compared to the standard smaller cars. If a medium car is 2-3 doors model, then it will have a wider door opening angle and the seatbelts will be further set back. On the other hand, if the car is a 4-5 doors model then it will only be useful when you often have more passengers inside the car as they will have their own doors to exit.

Family Cars

Third comes the family cars. The family cars generally have large 4-doors saloons or 5-doors hatchbacks. These cars are considerable larger than the most of the small sized cars. If you see a family hatchback car, you will see a raise-open door at the back where the boot can be integrated with a rear window. Having a rear window in the hatchback family car means you get the more storage space. If we talk about saloons then they have more of a traditional kind of boot, which opens and is independent of the rear window.

Estate Cars

Fourth in the category are the Estate Cars. These estate cars are kind of a longer version of standard saloon and hatchbacks and also have spaces that are very useful for the mobility aids in the boot. If you are planning to buy an estate car but you have not ever driven one before, then it is important and also recommended to go for a test drive. The reason behind giving this advice is that these vehicles are slightly longer than most of the standard vehicles and these may affect your way of getting your car around in your local areas.

Multi-Purpose Vehicles (MPV)

Next come the multi-purpose vehicles or MPVs. These multipurpose vehicles have the capacity to seat up to nine people. In these multi-purpose vehicle, the seats generally are higher, has more headroom, width and also the legroom. In some of the multi-purpose vehicles you also get the sliding doors.

4×4 And Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV)

You might be wondering as what the term ‘4×4’ means in the above heading? The answer is that the term ‘4×4’ is primarily used to describe the design of the vehicles that are made for off-road and are generally have the higher ground clearance as compared to the other cars available in the market. Until recently, all the 4x4s that were being manufactured used to come with the 4-wheel drive, although, nowadays, the there is dramatic change in the people choices. People, today are buying these 4×4 not just for using them off-road but because of their designs and luxury they provide. Therefore, in response to this, not all the 4x4s are coming with the 4-wheel drive options. Moreover, manufacturers now are offering the vehicles with 4×4 design those still have the larger and higher ground clearances, but these are coming with only 2-wheel drive option. You must be thinking that then what is the use of SUV here? The answer is that all the 4×4 cars are termed as the Sports Utility Vehicle or only SUVs inside U.S.

Roadsters, Coupes & Cabriolets

If we look into a roadster, then it is a hard-top convertible and can have 2 doors and can seat up to 2-4 people. A coupe is a small and sporty looking car, usually allow two to four people to sit. And a cabriolet is a convertible but its roof can come off or alternatively.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs)

Last in the category comes the Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles or WAVs. These are the cars that have been converted to carry a passenger who is on wheelchair and willing to travel or those who want to sit on a wheelchair and drive. These WAVs are best option and also the solution if you want to get in and out of the car easily and comfortably and that too by sitting on your wheelchair. Generally, the WAVs come in numerous sizes and have various standard features.

What To Look For While Buying A Car?

Now that we are done with the list of various categories of cars that are available in the market, the time comes to see the factors that you cannot overlook if you are planning to buy a car. As we know that buying a car can be a daunting task and hence we need to be careful. There are numerous factors that you must know before buying the car. Let’s look at those factors.


Know Your Affordability And Need

The first thing that you must look for is that what is your need and requirement. Next comes your budget. These are the two important things that you must look for in the initial stage of your planning. List down your requirements, for example, what matters to you most? Do you need something large or something compact? Horsepower? Technology? Any specific color? and many more. Everyone has their specific requirements. Just look at your buying your car process as same as you go for shopping.

Research Thoroughly

The next part comes is of researching on the internet thoroughly, once your list is ready, before landing on any decision, as there is no excuse for you as a car buyer to be uninformed. There are numerous websites available on web which can provide you with all the information you need. These informative resources can help you in making the best decision. If you are planning to purchase a used car, then internet is the best resource, you can use sites such as AutoTrader or Cars.com so that you will get help in narrowing down your choices to a handful.

See The Car In Person

If you are buying a car, it is always better that you go and checks the car in person. Enquiring about the car over the phone can be a daunting task, both for you and the salesperson. There may be numerous ambiguous things if you consult over the phone, you may not understand things what salesperson is telling you and also you won’t be able to explain your needs and requirements clearly to him. Therefore, it is always advisable that you go to the showroom and look for the car yourself.

It’s Not Always About Negotiation

Gone are those days when you could negotiate with the prices for your favorite cars. With the increased use of the internet, the power of negotiation has been ended. Because of this, never expect a huge discount or may be any discount at all, if you have found the car online.

He Is A Salesperson & Not A Mechanic

Don’t be amazed if your salesperson doesn’t know anything about the technical specifications of the car, because they are not meant to be, in most of the cases. In general, the salesperson will have complete idea about the options and features that car has, and also about what makes the vehicle safe and comfortable and all the things that matters most to you. If you want to know something technically specific, then there are possibility that there can be a mechanic there, so from him you can get the information whatever you want to.

Beware Of Any Hidden Fees

There can be some kind of obscure fees that can show up on the contract when you will be signing the papers. Out of these, the most common undisclosed fees is the documentary free, also known as the doc fee for short. Almost all of the dealers will charge this fee, and will try to convince you that this fee is the legal one or some kind of administrative fee that they are required to pay the state. While it is true that there are legal and administrative expenses but the doc fee is just a pocket of safety in the profit of a car if there are chances that they are not able sell that car.

Your Credit Is Important

If you are planning to buy a car and you have a bad credit, and still your bank has approved it, then there are chances that you will have to pay ridiculously higher interest rates. So, do not fool yourself at any cost. Keep it simple, if your credits are bad, do not buy a car.

Choose Best Interest Rates

Dealers will always try to give you the in house finance. The reason behind this is that they make more money in their finance office as compared to selling the cars. Therefore, when it comes to financing your car, shop around for interest rates carefully and thoroughly. However, there may be times when your dealer can give you better rates through the banks it uses. But sometimes you will do better yourself. The point is that you just be smart in getting your car financed, and always try to finance it with the lowest bidder.

Car Insurance Is A Must

This is one of the most important thing you must go for, whenever buying a car or any other vehicle. However, it has been found that most of the people neglect this process. But you must get your car insured because if, in case, it meets with an accident than in such situations you will get some amount of money in return. Therefore, always get your car insured as you buy it.

So, these are some of the tips for you that you must consider while buying a car.