56 Interesting Facts About Sharks


Do sharks impress you? Do you like knowing interesting facts about sharks? Then, read ahead.

Interesting Facts About Sharks

  1. Did you know that the Oceanic Whitetip sharks are known to feed on survivors of the shipwreck? Yeah, so “Jaws” is real! Hence, the famous marine researcher Jacques Cousteau quoted that Whitetips were the dangerous sharks in the ocean.
  2. OK, you should be thanking this shark isn’t lurking in the ocean anymore; it is a mega sized oceanic beast easily dwarfing many other sharks even the Great Whites. The shark is known to have the most powerful bite of any creature that ever existed, and they fed on whales.
  3. Ever heard of a shark with a spineless dorsal fin? Your answer – Carpetsharks.
  4. Did you know thriving within a Great white’s mouth are parasitic organisms?
  5. Sharks have families too. Whale sharks, one of the biggest oceanic fishes can conceive up to 300 shark pups.
  6. There lived a shark once that resembled a platypus. It was called the Bandringa. They had a long snout, and the head was covered in spikes. They also had protruding jaws.
  7. If you wade into Bull shark infested water, watch where you step. The bull sharks are known to have poor eyesight due to tiny eyes, so they easily mistake people for food.
  8. Most frequently asked question – why are sharks important for the ocean ecosystem? The best answer is, to keep the balance of marine life especially several smaller fishes the sharks feed upon. Without the sharks, the ocean life balance will be in disarray.
  9. The highest shark attack incidents are recorded in the Volusia County in Florida. More shark attack incidents are recorded here than elsewhere in the world. Since the year 1882, 210 incidents have been recorded.
  10. There is an idling shark that mostly remains motionless on the ocean floor for days at a stretch. It is unclear why they indulge in such behavior.
  11. Thanks to the membrane called the tapetum lucidum that sensitizes the shark’s eyes to light, most sharks have excellent vision even in murky water.
  12. Sharks can be thugs as well. A type of shark called as the Thresher shark slaps their prey to death. It’s choice of weapon, its tail!
  13. There is species of shark known as the Megamouth that was discovered in 1976. Just 41 sightings of the shark have been registered.
  14. Dogfish shark is known to be amongst the oldest shark species in existence.
  15. Great Whites are choosy sharks that are capable of determining if the food they chomp the first time will satiate their appetite.
  16. A shark once existed that looked like “What if your nightmare turned real?” It is the Helicoprion. This extinct species is known to have a circular-saw-like protrusions in the mouth. World’s first pizza cutter, maybe!
  17. Did you know sharks do not kill for sport; they are lethal hunters when they are hungry? But, they are so skilled at hunting; Sharks stalk their prey like serial killers till they are hunted.
  18. The flesh of a shark is made of water (30-80%). It retains the structure, owing to the protein network.
  19. There are miniature sharks called as Pigmy sharks. On an average, they measure 8 inches (20 centimeters) long and are capable of illuminating using the chemicals in their body.
  20. Due to intense commercial fishing, 20% of the sharks are close to extinction. Most of the incidences involve accidental hunting of sharks with nets and hooks.
  21. Sharks like colors that differ in contrast. So, if you have uneven tan lines, the shark will certainly investigate out of curiosity.
  22. Sharks have acute senses due to the presence of electroreceptor on the nose. They are capable of detecting blood in the water several miles away.
  23. A shark is an adaptive species. They can swim in a school of other sharks (with a variety of shark species) without feeling threatened.
  24. There are sharks that thrive deep beneath the ocean surface where it is hard for the humans to venture. The species known to survive the depths are Goblin Sharks. They live in the underwater mountain ranges and continental shelves.
  25. The sharks known to have the largest surviving population are the species called as Dogfish Shark.
  26. Little do people know that the sharks are classified into eight orders?
  27. A shark species called as the Wobbegong latches on their prey and refuse to let go till the prey has been subdued. So, if you have been unlucky to be bitten by a wobbegong, you will endure some deep wounds.
  28. After showcasing the iconic movie “Jaws”, recreational hunting became a thing among fishermen who wanted to snag a Great White for sport.
  29. Basking sharks prefer traveling in schools (up to 100 sharks) or pairs.
  30. Just like cows do, sharks are capable of regurgitation of food from their stomachs.
  31. The shark’s gills maintain a good balance of salt in their body. The process of balancing the salt is called as osmoregulation
  32. When the female shark is ready to conceive, she will lose her appetite to ensure that she doesn’t feast on her litter.
  33. While most continue to debate with regards to the preference of colors, Scientists has discovered that shark have cones in their eyes that are identical to the humans to helps them distinguish one color apart from another.
  34. Sharks are perfectly adapted as the killers of the sea; they are silent and have no vocal cords to make a sound.
  35. Yes! Sharks do have tiny hairs (sensory hair cells) aligned in the pockets of skin under the skin. They are also called as the pit organs.
  36. The spines of the shark can move back and forth in an S pattern while the shark is in motion.
  37. There is a particular species of shark known as deep swimmers. They can easily swim 2,200 (7,200 feet) meters beneath the ocean surface. The species are called as a sub-arctic shark.
  38. If you thought only humans were capable of overeating, think twice, because Blue sharks are a species known to devour food without knowing the limits. They chow down a school of fish, vomit and continue eating.
  39. The female shark remains in the gestation period for 11 months.
  40. Sharks are amongst the commonest species found in the oceans.
  41. If you were unlucky to be a shark meal, be wary of the 40,000 pounds per square inch bite force. Well roughly translating…. Off goes your limbs like finger chips.
  1. Some mating rituals can be strange such as the case of a Female Blue Shark. It develops a hard skin to protect them from the love bites of male shark.
  2. There are sharks that are known to work even before they are born. The sharks chomp their way into freedom of the ocean.
  3. It is unlikely for a great white to leap from water under normal circumstances unless they are hunting seals. After stalking the seals, they make a surprise attack by launching from beneath the water.
  4. Up to 80 % of shark attack victims live to tell the tale.
  5. While sharks are certainly fearsome beasts of the ocean, it is the sharks that are vulnerable at the hands of humans. Humans are known to kill up to 73 million sharks every year.
  6. Sharks in aquariums are known to bond well with humans, especially the staff interacting with the sharks. Strangers are excused!
  7. Sharks are known for their keen senses. They are capable of picking up acoustic signals from low-pitched noise created by movements of fish.
  8. There is a shark species whose meat is deadly for consumption. It is called the Greenland Sharks. It can put a person in the state of libido after consumption.
  9. A shark’s teeth is known to be as strong as human teeth. Albeit, each is made of different minerals.
  10. Some sharks are excellent at camouflage they use their glowing underside for staying hidden. They are known as cookie-cutter sharks.
  11. During the lifetime of shark, they lose many teeth. A shark isn’t vulnerable to the cavity, but they lose their teeth when it gets lodged while chomping prey.
  12. A shark species, in particular, is a popular test subject to evaluate the hearing, intelligence, and vision of sharks. They are called the Lemon Sharks.
  13. Did you know there are sharks that are social? The Nurse sharks are known to share the sleeping quarters with other nurse sharks?
  14. If you thought that sharks are winners at hunting seals, think again. Seals chow down puffadder shysharks after tossing them in the air. Puffadders are 2 feet long.
  15. Dogfish sharks have the longest and the smallest pregnancies. They have a record of their own.
  16. When there are fewer sharks, it could spell trouble for smaller fish and tuna because when small fish don’t eat algae, they overgrow and smother the precious coral reefs.