21 Interesting Facts About Polar Bears


Polar bears are some of the fascinating animals whose numbers are dwindling, thanks to the global warming that has resulted in the catastrophic loss of habitat and hunting by humans. The bear species is staring at the face of extinction and will soon be fade into history if the efforts are not taken to save last of species. In this article, you will learn some Interesting Facts About Polar Bears.

  1. Polar Bears build their dens from old snow that had fallen in the previous year rather than using the fresh snow.
  2. The weight of the adult female polar bear is roughly 500 to 600 pounds (227 to 272 kilogram).
  3. The weight of the polar bear cub is a little over a pound at birth.
  4. The only other predator of the polar bears is humans, who hunt the bears for sport, meat and fur. The excessive hunting has almost driven the species to extinction.
  5. A polar bear’s fur isn’t white. It is opaque as each strand is hollow. The fur has the potential to reflect light. The hollow fur also helps trap the heat and keeps the bear warm in frigid conditions.
  6. A polar bear’s primary source of a meal is the seal. They are efficient hunters when they are in pursuit of a seal.
  7. Often, it’s the pollutants from the humans that have resulted in the devastation of the species.
  8. The mating season for the Bears begin in the month of March and continues till July. The development of the fertilized egg will not begin until September.
  9. Polar bears have disciplinarian parents. When the mother is out hunting a meal, the Cubs are to remain in the enclosure for safety. The mother bear will coach the Cubs to remain frozen till she returns. If the Cubs move at will, it will be disciplined by the mother who whacks the cub’s head.
  10. The polar bears have rough paw pads to prevent them from slipping on the ice.
  11. A polar bear’s fur is water repellant and oily. It helps them dry quickly after a swim through frigid waters of the Antarctica.
  12. Do not get taken by the cuddly looks of the Polar bear. She is a strong, ruthless killer capable of devouring a beefy prey with a single blow of her paws.
  13. Unlike the common notion that bears hibernate, polar bears are an exception. The female bear will remain huddled in the den with her young. Not with an intent to hibernate, but to escape the extreme weather.
  14. A polar bear is a smart animal. Sometimes, the mother bear builds not only a single room den but also a makes a partition with ventilation on the roof.
  15. The polar bears do not start mating until they are 4-5 years old. It is the period when they are mature.
  16. Did you know that polar bears are finest swimmers? They swim using their front paws to generate forward propulsion, and the chunky hind legs are used for steering.
  17. A polar bear conserves the heat by curling up and covering their muzzle (nose) using their paws. It’ll help the bear conserve the heat.
  18. It is easy to assume that the bear will catch a chill in the cold temperature of Antarctica. But, the bear overheats under her excessive fat.
  19. The adult bear can grow up to 10 feet tall and can weigh as much as 1400 pounds.
  20. Polar bears do go visiting places such as the town of Churchill, Manitoba in Canada.
  21. Polar bears are apex swimmers capable of swimming distances of 100 miles (161 kilometers) at a stretch. They can also swim with a top speed of 6 miles an hour.