How To Flirt With A Girl Online?


If you are an ardent user of online messenger and have not attempted to flirt with opposite sex, you are probably lying. But, not many do it right or get the whole notion of flirting the wrong way. Of course, you will have to watch your creep“o” meter to make sure you are doing it less overwhelmingly. So, sit back and read ahead before you venture out fishing because we will tell you how to flirt with a girl online in a smart and respectful manner.

How To Flirt With A Girl Online?
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Things To Remember Before You Flirt

It is important that your conversation must begin in a graceful manner. So always start casually. If you are the shy type, it is important that you lose your cold feet. You must take the initiative and jump right in! You can start by enquiring if the other person is having a good day. You can confidently ask about their school or work life. If all these are a lot to handle, you can start with an easy “Hi!”. Breaking that initial reluctance is where the flirting begins. So, it is important that you convince yourself and assure no matter if your flirting makes or breaks your chances, it will be less bitter compared to the real world confrontation

It is unnecessary to be nervous to while flirting on Instant Messenger, because if the person being messaged is uninterested in responding, he or she always has the option not to respond rather than to react. Remember, the no responsiveness isn’t always an indication of lack of interest; it could also mean that the person isn’t in front of their devices at the moment.

It can be advantageous if you knew the person at least barely, it would help you deal with the awkwardness while starting a conversation. You have increased chances of scoring if you insist asking for assistance on school or work related problems. You can also ask something interesting about the person as well. If the person has a cool nickname (aliases), you can jumpstart the conversation by stating something cool as “Hey Ed Cullen” or “Hey Barbie” P.S. Of course, you must ensure that it isn’t offensive.

Starting with a small talk is the best way to jumpstart a conversation. After starting light, you can slowly progress to asking how he or she is doing. You can ask with regards to the work, school, or any recent activities they were engaged in.  It is a positive trait to comment in an unoffending manner rather than quizzing her. When you get the response, you can ask her a question or add more positive comments. It is important that you do not get nosy about his or her personal life. It is a negative sign and it will almost instantly set back all your effort and worst, you may lose your chance to speak her again (permanently).

Take caution not to linger too long around the small talks else; you may never get ahead to the interesting part. So, small talks are an ice breaker, but make sure you move ahead before boredom sets in.

After briefly looking for signs if they are interested in you, be an explorer and ask about her interest and passion. If you like the musical band they are interested as well, it could easily be an asset for progressing your conversation.

Just Joke! But keep it clean. Nobody needs to know if your funny bone has a boner! A good sense of humor is a most desired character the other person is going to look for. If you are incapable of making people laugh, you could easily set back your efforts. If you are cheerful and moderately sarcastic, you will clearly be a winner. But, do not push it too hard and make it offending.

When the other person is curious, they may ask you while you browse on Facebook, “What are you up to?” You could get quirky with the answer by stating “Finding chill people to hit on.” isn’t that impressive rather than giving the “duh answer” such as “drowning my sorrows.”

So, if you are cool with your answers without being offending, you will make her want to speak to you more often. It may create opportunity fin the form of launching points for conversations with regards to your hobby.

Teasing playfully has its perks. But, take care not to push harder. The more you know the person, the lesser it hurts with a sharper tease. It is important to keep the air playful and light.

Teasing is acceptable as long it doesn’t involve any bitter experiences in life. It may be the last time you tease the person if you involve his or her career, bitter past, or aspiration.

When you flirt, you need to take necessary precautions not to look like a jerk. It is easy to be threatening. When you discourage or insult in the heat of the moment, it can be a daunting task if not impossible to convince your intent. Sometimes, you may never even get a second chance.

If you are using a messenger but not sending those smileys, you have been doing it all wrong. Do not discount using the cheeky emotions. When you are flirting, use wink “;-)” very often along with tongue sticking out “:-p”.  Using these emotions is a great way to convey your intent without straining the chances.

It is puerile to overuse the emotion. It may make you look like a young teen. Be careful to sprinkle them to your messages sufficiently to get traction.

Getting better at what you do? Spice things up! Let her catch the drift. It is a promising indication if your conversation partner is positively responding to your flirtatious attempts. Don’t make an upright attempt just because you are doing it cool. But, gently you can notch up your flirtatiousness without making it appear offensive. Being smooth is important if you wish to earn his or her attention towards you.

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