How Much Money Can You Make On YouTube?


In this post-modern era, we all are experiencing the IT revolution when each and every aspect of our lives is inseparably intertwined with computers and the internet. In recent times, everything has legibly gone online! We can get any information or videos on any topic under broadness of the day, and talking about videos, the first thought that crowds the mind is the YouTube. It is not only a platform to share, watch and upload videos but gives us the opportunity to make money as well. There are articles on the internet on different money making techniques selling creativity on a platform where the world converges. In this article, it might catch the attention of you YouTubers because many are still easily curious about making money marketing their videos. But, how much money can you make on YouTube? You will know the answer to that question once you have read this article.

In today’s world, making money is easier said than done. It is the truth as bare as it could be, lots and lots of people have figured out means to make earning on the internet where the opportunity seems unending, and people are also making money faster. But did you want to know how?

Let’s walk across the gateway of YouTube. You need to know the fastest way to make money, isn’t it?

Ask yourself this, what brings the attention of the people to where you want them be? There is often something that each of us likes and if we were to take note of it, we would be willing to stop just to watch it. So it’s true, there is such a thing called as ‘obsession’ over certain things that may not have sufficient justification to it. After all, the internet is a strange place isn’t it?

But making money like hot cakes? Totally possible! Sit back, take a breath and think what you may be good at? Maybe think of the one thing you do that is worth showing to the world. Remember, whatever you may be thinking deep down that dirty mind, there is always someone who shares that same sphere of thought. So your audience will be those members who are just like you or at least sharing that same perspective of thought.

How Much Money Can You Make On YouTube

Making Riches Overnight On YouTube? Is It A Myth Or Real?

Partly yes! Partly No! Why, because not everyone who makes a video score a hit. So if you are one of many who believe that if you made a random video and thought you could rake up views and riches, you just overlooked your vision. Money making on YouTube is unmistakably a meticulous task, but just till you have discovered that winning formula. After which you will stride yourself saying ‘easy peasy japanesy’.

So what goes into the making of that winning formula? Quick answer… great quality content that makes YouTubers stop and stare (rather view). Some are just proud having embraced video making and posting as a full-time job. Why waste that income when you can make some with creativity? Is it not? So, if you are having an awesome time making money in YouTube, you sir, are having one lucrative job!

Did you know if you thought likes and subscription count alone brought riches you figured it all wrong? The real riches start flowing to you from the ads that are found in your video. Ever noticed ads playing when you clicked a video? Well… that is how you become rich. Every time a user clicks the ad on your video, every click that follows will count into making profits for you. But don’t dig into that conclusion yet! The payment comes from a lot of views. For instance, you will be credited $2 for every 1000 views. So, don’t be too obvious and overwhelmed by unrealistic perception. Money isn’t happening that easy. At least not until you have a million views for your video.

Money making stint starts here;

Youtube is the last word for money making attempts while you need not compromise leaving the safety of your cozy chair. However, a vast majority of YouTubers just upload their videos for fun purpose and not with the intent of making profits from it. But if you happen to be those few who are serious about making money, then you should read ahead;

Your finest instruction to get rich with your talents

Here are your ten commandments to making that one of a kind video and being rich;

  • Set Up Your Channel
  • Upload Content
  • Attract Viewers
  • Monetize the Videos
  • Use Google Ad Sense
  • Keep Track of Analytics
  • Market Your Videos on Other Platforms
  • Become a YouTube Partner
  • Sponsorship
  • Get Rich

You can never market your videos well if you do not have what it takes to generate traffic. To give your video that remotest chance to go viral, you will have to promote it in as many places in as many aspects. If you own a blog or website, then it is the best place to start. You can upload your videos and generate traffic to your videos, once you have sufficient followers, likes, and views. You will have the tiniest chance to make the advertisers pay attention to your video and even tinier chance to get fortune with money.

If you are an entrepreneur trying to market your product, then you will have a slightly different strategy;

You must initially affiliate to marketing and research the trends and estimate what is in and what is out. Join YouTube partnership program, which is the first step to being famous. Make high-quality videos about your product, and aim them at the hearts and minds of YouTubers

Here is a list of those few who are famous for one thing “originality”.


What awakens the thought when you hear that name? A young man maybe that makes funky things for a living? Then yes you got it right! PewDiePie is a nom de plume of a Swedish national named Felix Arvid Ulf Kjelberg, who has a knack for creativity until his luck exploded into a full-time career making game videos on YouTube. He started out his YouTube campaign on 29th Apr, 2010 making gameplay videos reviewing them for his viewers and was originally supposed to be informative for the gamers. But then his viewers started loving the content by showing their support and then the winning stride began almost without a delay. Presently, he is known to be the highest ranking YouTuber who has most viewership (5.4 billion views to be precise) and also being rated over the top for being the highest earning individual on YouTube. However, many of his videos are popularly known to contain profanity and indecent comments, and many have been objected due to the politically incorrect nature of the comments. Most YouTubers do not reveal their earnings, but then PewDiePie has revealed his net worth from YouTube’s earning is close to $7million.


Not far behind is the Yogscast, a group on YouTube that was founded in 2008 for their World Of Warcraft videos. Since then, they seemed to be making more money than ever from the YouTube and the unending streak seems to continue. Presumed to be earning as high as $6.7million and having 2.5 billion views they have been in the second spot among the most rated YouTuber. They now play indie games just to mock at the fail moments and applying mods to games and making funny videos. The team calls themselves as ‘drunken dwarf and handsome spaceman’.


If you are a YouTuber, the chances are you could not have missed this name; coming in the fourth spot is this channel that calls itself Smosh. This channel makes videos of pranksters who prank random oblivious people. Their channel is known to known to draw attention globally and enjoy high viewership (4.4 billion views and counting).This channel started out making lip-synced Pokémon theme song video that had a ridiculously high view before it was brought down by the Pokémon production citing that Smosh’s video was critical of the cartoon series.

Type of Ads on YouTube

Cost Per Click (CPC)

According to this logic, the advertiser pays $3 for each click that is registered on their ad. So when a certain type of keyword that has CPC $3 to it, the advertiser will be charged when it is clicked. These ads are usually seen as texts on the bottom of the screen during the video. They can also be seen as a small square box that expands next to your channel icon at the bottom of the video.

Cost Per View (CPV)

This logic says an advertiser will pay money taking count of the views. Seen that 30-second ad that plays right before and after the video on YouTube? Every time someone views that ad, the advertiser will be charged. But no matter how many times if you attempt clicking the ad, the advertiser will be charged only for each view earned.

The Other Type Of Money Making Ads

TrueView: Pre-Roll, In-Search & In-Display Ads


These are the ads that start just before a video you intend to watch; these ads have a counter button that can be used to skip after 5 seconds.

In-Search Ads

It is the other type of money-making ad that shows up in the search result and will have a yellow box wrapped around them.

In-Display Ads

You can spot these ads on the right side when you open the YouTube page, usually adjacent to the suggested video.

Decoding the money logic on YouTube

The advertisers will pay only if the ad is clicked or watched for 30 seconds. It is one of the prime reasons you cannot directly associate the views you earned in your channel to unlocking the money. For instance let’s say you have a channel with a video that has 10 million views, you will still be unpaid because your viewers did not care to watch the ad or did not care to click. So, the advertiser is not charged for the ad and in turn you will not be paid as well. But then there are some who make $1 for 25 views. Those advertisers are willing to shell out a mammoth price by aiming their ads to a specific or targeted audience.

So, if you are making videos where your audience belongs to that specific group who has the interest in a type of content that you are trying to market, then you make the fortune from ad companies. For instance, if your channel teaches business owners how to organize their finance and tracking expenses to save money, then your channel has potential to win the advertisers confidence into placing ads in your videos. The content of your videos is of the similar interest to the advertisers and the viewers of your channel automatically qualify as potential customers.

Other Tips to Be Rich

Being Specific

The advertisers rather pay a specific type of person than any random person. So if you want to make money sooner, you must make videos that are aimed at a certain type of audience. Make sure you have a purpose for your video. Let the advertisers find you and you will soon be making money if you seem to be earning legit viewers into your channel. So make your videos aimed at targeted audience.

Keywords Make You A Winner

Ad companies pay a lump sum for the keywords. If you have certain SEO skills researching may be efficient to you. If you have the right keywords, then you will have greater chances of earning from the advertiser. Some keywords pay more while the other pays less. If you have the right CPC keywords, then you could easily be making a fortune every month rather than the cost per view approach that earns a little slower. Although each has its purpose and will earn clicks and views if they are adjusted and aimed at the right audience.

Do your math, learn the strategy and you will be making more money sooner than you know