How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Car?


With an unending option to choose from, car care can be twisted discussion. Since, the costs differ from components to car paint. It can become tricky to make the right choice. Although, the rule of thumb is that better quality comes with higher expense, there are little ways you can save your precious pennies if you opt to seek services from the right auto shop and avoid the extras. A pro car enthusiast will be aware of the cost cutting tactics to save dollars, but if you are a noob, fret not! We will answer your questions regarding the car paint and the factors that affect the price quotation for the paint job.

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Car?

So, how much does it cost to paint a car? Now, there could be several reasons you could be scouring for answers to that question. It could be the dents from an accident, you may be bored with the old colour, or your car may be looking dull with a faded coat. Whatever be the reasons, we will tell you everything you need to know about the painting costs without the risk of overpaying for the work. You may have been confused or distracted by a dozen billboards that lure you with cheap tag.

It can be easy to be overwhelmed. So, don’t get yanked into the price tag alone. Painting your car to restore its pristine looks will be uncompromisingly expensive. There is no fixed price for restoring it in the best form. It can also vary depending on the quality, brand and also the longevity of the paint.

The average cost of painting your car could range from $3,000 to $10,000 and so can the quality. It can be shoddy to top notch. The typical painting process involves sanding the surface of your car till the bare metal surface is exposed. The car is washed thoroughly to remove any hard to remove grime and stains that interfere with the paint job. After washing the car, the plastic regions of the car are masked with waterproof sheets or plastic.

To prolong the lifetime of the paint, the car is initially coated with a primer. Then, it is placed in a temperature controlled room that is moisture locked. The technicians will start painting the car layer by layer. Remember, it takes a qualified specialist to paint the car in an aesthetic manner.  After the painting, the body of the car is baked in an industrial oven and then, prepped to give a clear coat. A clear coat will give your car an attractive shine. The costs to perform the service can be slightly higher at the hands of an expert.

But, you could be saving the costs significantly if you self-painted the car. You will be able to save the labour charges if you have the right tools and are equipped with the know-how of painting your car. The tools required to paint your car is easily available at an auto shop. You will need paint, spray gun and plenty of wrappers. You will have to do it the right way to keep the paint lasting longer and looking smashing as you drive down the highway. The expense of painting your car can range from $100 to $1,000. But, if you have a vast area to paint, the costs could run higher. If you painted the entire body of the car, it could cost $4,000 to $6,000. The pricing can also be influenced by the brand of paint.

Restoration is a money spinner. It can be expensive on the wallet as the costs could be exponential if you want to use the colour that closely matches the original in case of cars such as Cabriolets and Pontiacs. You will have ages of faded colour to restore. Once the restoration is complete, you will have to verify manually for imperfections and quality for satisfaction.

Sometimes, you may be eligible for seasonal discounts and other perks. For instance, MAACO once offered 20-30% discounts for customers on weekends. There is a list of marketing strategies that gets worked into wooing customers.

If your car needs to be painted because of the damage sustained from the accident, it can be slightly more expensive.  It is because the repair isn’t limited to repainting alone, your car may have to be tinkered, reworked and only then can the paint be applied. To complete this repair work, it will need an expert hand and can cost more.

Remember, painting your car isn’t cheap. It requires skills and ideal equipment. There are numerous car owners who take the painting task into their hands or outsource the tasks to low-end paint shops. Sometimes, at the loss of luck they may end up losing money on a shoddy paint job. Hence, it is important that you make a right choice of paint shop to get your car painted. Hence, most auto enthusiasts recommend that you have the painting done at a mid to premium paint shops as an assurance to prevent monetary loss for sloppy work.

The cost of painting the car can also differ from the median cost of one state to another. If you have the forethought to paint your car at a premium neighbourhood like California, the costs can run high. But, a quality paint job at countries such as Mexico will cost you lesser. Hence, if you weighed the one-time investment and longevity, it is recommended that you have your car painted at a premium paint shop where the job is done at industry standards and by experts. They also ensure that you make maximum benefit from what you pay. It will help you maintain a lasting look in your car while rest assured to doubts if they would last longer. In the premium paint shops, you are not just paying for the work, but also for an assurance for the quality and that your car will continue to look glamorous till the colours have naturally faded after long time.