How Many Times Can You Take Plan B?


Having the unprotected sex is one of the worst nightmares for all the girls. During that time of excitement and happiness, it is very difficult to focus on such important things as these things are a somewhat uncontrollable in those circumstances. However, what is the solution to the problem once you have unprotected sex? Is it all over, or there are some hopes through which the unwanted pregnancy can be prevented? The answer is YES; there are a few ways with the help of which you can easily protect yourself from getting pregnant get rid of the unnecessary stress from your life. The solution is Plan B. No, it is not a plan we are making here, it is a type of emergency contraceptive medicine that you can take after having unprotected sex to prevent unwanted pregnancy. But what is Plan B, how to take it, are there any side effects and most importantly, how many times can you take Plan B? All these questions will be going in your mind now. But do not worry at all, we will look into all the important prospects of medicine in detail as we will move forward. So, if you recently have the unprotected sex and are scared of getting pregnant throw away all the unnecessary stress and tension, because Plan B is here to help you out.

How Many Times Can You Take Plan B

Plan B- An Overview

Before we look into the details of Plan B, let us have an overview about the medication and understand it briefly.

Plan B is a brand name for the drug called levonorgestrel. Levonorgestrel is a hormone and is present inside the females. The primary task of levonorgestrel is to stop the process that releases the egg from a woman’s ovary, and this process is known as the ovulation. The process works by bringing the changes inside the uterine lining and the cervical mucus via making it hard. By making the surface hard, it stops the sperms from getting inside the uterus, thereby not allowing the attachment between the uterus and the fertilized egg.

In the majority of times, Plan B’s primary target is to protect you from getting pregnant after having the unprotected sex. From not only the unprotected sex but also when other contraceptive techniques get failed, for example, breaking of the condom, forget to take the birth control pill and many more. In all these cases, Plan B comes as your savior and protects from getting pregnant and unwanted stress and tension.

Plan B is not only effective in protecting you from getting into unwanted pregnant conditions, but also there are numerous other benefits of this medication those are not listed in the medication guides.

What To Look For Before Taking Plan B?

Not only with Plan B but also with every single medication, you need to be extremely careful. You must look into various factors, positive or negative before you take any medication. No matter how safe is the medication, there is always some risk encapsulated with it and you definitely must weigh these risks against all the positive factors.

The very first thing you must look for, before taking the dose of Plan B is pediatric related problems. However, not all the studies have shown any pediatric problem that can reduce the importance of the levonorgestrel in the females.

There may be a few women, who may vomit immediately or after some time of consumption of the tablet. If, in case, you are one of them, then the possibilities are that either you have not consumed the tablet completely, or your body has not accepted the tablet by now. During these times, the best solution is to consult with your healthcare professional or the doctor. The reason is, there are fair chances that you may have to take another dose. However, never repeat the dose without consulting with the healthcare professional or the doctor.

Another important thing is that consuming Plan B should not at all disturb the period timings of yours. Therefore, once you have taken the tablet, you must get your periods on the right time. However, here is the possibility that there may be a deviation of a day or two in your period timings, but apart from it, they should totally be normal.

If you have consumed the Plan B at the right time, and still you have not got your periods, and there is a delay of more than three weeks from the normal timings of your periods, then there are fair chances that you are pregnant by now.

How Many Times Can You Take Plan B?

Primarily, the first dose of Plan B you must take as soon as possible you come to know that you have had unprotected sex, and you need to have an oral emergency contraceptive. Never, delay in consuming the first dose. However, there is a window of 72 hours, in which you can take your first dose of Plan B. Once done, the second dose should be taken after the 12 hours after the first dose. Do not worry, if you have the menstrual cycles, you can consume the Plan B, there will not be any side effects.

If, in case, you are feeling or have already vomited within the first two hours of taking the Plan B, you can take the other dose of Plan B instantly. However, if you have any doubt, it is best to consult the healthcare professional or the pharmacist about the same, so that you can have the right knowledge.

So, it was all about Plan B. it is a suggestion that never have unprotected sex, or if you had, immediately go for Plan B, if you do not want any unwanted pregnancy.