How Long Does Imodium Last?


Imodium is used for treatment of diarrhoea, and for aiding in the reduction of stool volume in individuals who have undergone an ileostomy (where bowel route has been redefined with the help of surgical opening in the abdomen). Imodium also has several other uses like curing Irritable Bowel Syndrome. What does Imodium do? The basic function of Imodium is to slacken the pace of digestion to allow small intestines with sufficient time for absorption of fluid and other vital nutrients from the food elements that we eat. How long does Imodium last in your system depends on of the acuteness of diarrhoeic or other stool related symptoms that you are experiencing.

How Long Does Imodium Last?

How Long Does Imodium Last

Absorption time of Imodium

The ease with which Imodium dissolves in the blood stream and starts showing its results would vary depending on the bodily conditions and other attributing circumstances. However, Imodium starts to manifest its effects within the first hour of intake and it lasts for a couple of hours thereafter.

Simple diarrhoea can be kept in check for 3-4 hours upon intake of original Imodium. Diarrhoea induced by irritable bowel movement or which surfaces suddenly or occasionally can be restrained by consuming original Imodium which is available in the form of a capsule for swallowing.   Once you experience a loose bowel movement, you should take a capsule. Within the span of a single day, it is permissible to consume a maximum of eight capsules.

People who feel uncomfortable swallowing capsules can go for ‘Imodium Instant Melts’ which is available in the form of a minty tablet and carries the same ingredients as the original capsule. When placed on tongue, it dissolves upon coming in contact with the saliva. Imodium Plus is effective in curing bloating, stomach cramps, abdominal discomfort and flatulence as well. It effects last for about five hours and thus effectively relieve diarrhoea and other related symptoms.

It is advisable to drink lots of water while on a dose of Imodium. About 48 hours may lapse based on the severity of the case before the symptoms start improving.

Effective lasting time as a factor of Imodium strength

Loperamide content varies in strength between two variants of the Imodium liquid, namely New Imodium A-D Liquid and Imodium A-D Liquid. The old variant of the liquid contains tolerable amount of alcohol also. The effective lasting time of the medicine within the body is apparently not same and as such switching from one brand to another should take place only with the explicit consent of a doctor. The dose intake instructions have to be followed carefully to allow the Imodium variant’s effect to linger for the stated duration. Usually, symptoms start alleviating within two days and the effect lasts subsequently for a few days more.

Adverse conditions

Imodium would fail to produce the desired effect if a person allergic to loperamide consumes it. Further, persons suffering from mucus in their stools, which is evident from black, bloody or tarry stools, should avoid taking Imodium. If you have been suffering from diarrhoea brought about by the intake of an antibiotic, Imodium would not last even for minimal period.

The effect if Imodium may last from four hours to two days. Your thinking capability and average time for reaction to stimuli may get impaired in this duration. Exercise caution while driving or carrying out activities that require you to be alert.

Imodium’s healing effect would not last longer if the medicine is not stored at room temperature in a location suitably insulated from heat and moisture. The liquid variant of Imodium should not be allowed to freeze or else it would be rendered unusable.

If you take extra doses of Imodium before the effect of the previous medication has faded off, you may suffer from overdose symptoms such as less urination than normal, severe abdominal cramps, dizziness, vomiting, drowsiness and bloating.

Imodium effect in the body would be feeble or side effects may show up if it is taken with other drugs, which have a potential of interacting with it, particularly saquinavir (Invirase). You should reveal to your doctor the entire array of medications you take. The list should include drugs that have been recommended for use through prescriptions, bought over the counter, herbal and vitamin products.

Instances when Imodium effect won’t last

Imodium even though taken in moderate amount would fail to have any effect or would have adverse effect under the conditions discussed over here. If your age is below twelve years, you should avoid taking Imodium. Individuals who are constipated, ailing from inflammation of the bowel, have conceived or are breastfeeding infants, or suffering from dysentery should stay away from Imodium.

Final words

So, how long does Imodium last in the system of normal people? This compound stays in for a minimum of half a day in normal adults. The effect of Imodium is not equal for all adults of the same age group. Further, the time for wearing off the healing effect induced by its consumption also varies from person to person. For the purpose of managing diarrhoea, Imodium can be taken up to 4-8 times during the day based on doctor’s recommendation and the severity of the ailment. The effect of Imodium would last somewhere from four hours to two days in adult. Some persons may have to take this drug after occurring of loose bowel movement every time, while patients with mild symptoms may not have to rely on such heavy dosages. The type of response from drug registered is highly individualized. Your doctor is the single point source for all kind of recommendations and medical advices pertaining to Imodium intake. Side effects that show up while on loperamide therapy can be attributed to underlying ailments for which medication is already in progress. Try to adjust the dosages in a manner that the interaction of conflicting drugs does not take place.

Now that you have a fair idea of the Imodium’s duration in your system, you can adjust your dosages to get the best response from the intake of Imodium. Happy healing for your bowel related symptoms requiring Imodium intervention!