Fun Things To Do In San Antonio


San Antonio is a city in the State of Texas, and it is the seventh most crowded city in the United States with 1,409,019 residents. From millennium till about a decade, it was among the fastest growing cities in the United States.  The city touts tourism via broad promotions and all that isn’t for a reason. Being a top holiday destination, San Antonio gets an annual visitor count of 26 million. Did you know the city was named San Antonio after Saint Anthony of Padua?  The city was prominent for Spanish colonial missions. The metropolitan area of this holiday destination seems to be expanding. On July 2015, San Antonio Missions was declared as the 23rd site in The United States to be included in the United Nations Heritage list. The city is dominantly famous for its Alamo mission that is the star attractions of the city. It is due to this mission that the city is called as the Alamo City. We will tell you the highlights of the Alamo City in detail.

Fun Things To Do In San Antonio

So what are the fun things to do in San Antonio? Read ahead to know.

San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

San Antonio has four famous Spanish missions as part of its history. These missions proliferated since 1700’s unifying its residents. The missions are – Espada, San José, Concepción, and San Juan. You can explore more about these missions from the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park that was inaugurated in 1983. The San Antonio Conservation Society, City, Catholic Church, County and State donated the land for the historical park. These missions encompass the church and the establishments where the priests and the Native Americans once lived and carried out the mission’s work.

If you are a vacationer at San Antonio, you must not miss the Mission San José for visitor information. At the mission, you will be able to view the Gente de Razon, a tourist documentary that speaks about the mission’s story during the colonial era. It is 30-minute repeating documentary that is worth viewing. In the San José mission, you will find a museum and bookstore.

All these historic churches have Catholic parishes and where services are regularly held. You can attend the services during the park hours with an exception during weddings and funerals. Along the River Walk, you can explore the new Mission Reach, which is an eight-mile stretch. This area has several recreational spots such as relaxing and picnic area, pavilions, pedestrian bridges and unique passages to four colonial missions.

San Antonio River Walk

If you are in San Antonio, and you missed the river walk you would have missed the best part of the city itself. It is a beautiful location where the pathways are nearly paved and lined with cypress trees. The landscape brings absolute bliss and gives the tourists a souvenir of best memories to carry home. The path stretches through the city center giving millions of visitors access to the heart of the San Antonio where several historical sites, cultural hubs, and other major attractions are found.

Touring The River Walk


The river flowing through the San Antonio is the source of life for the city. Centuries ago, Native Americans gathered here on the river banks as settlers in this location. But the city began sprawling since the colonization of the civilian Spanish settlers. Many homes were built close to the river in 1700. By 1920, the settlers had a conservation society, a functioning government, business leaders and officials to run various organizations. It was then; an architect Robert H. H. Hugman came up with an idea to build a River Walk. It was that plan that led to the iconic pathway that exists today.  The Riverwalk stretches from Nueva to Lexington (21 block section). The construction of the River Walk was completed in the year 1941. The project sends the city’s fame spiraling via preservation projects, beautification, and an improvised flood control. All these were regarded as technological marvels of the time.

Further developments occurred in the year 1968 prior to Hemsfair.  That was held in the San Antonio to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the city. As tourism grew, hospitality sector too sought profits that led to several new hotels that was included as part of the city’s assets. The older buildings that stood in San Antonio were given a cosmetic makeover, and Riverwalk was further expanded from the South of Alamo Street to the new convention center. The city witnessed an increase in visitors that led to the bustling operation of river barges that were exclusively used for dining and sightseeing.  Soon the River Walk was seeing itself as a famous destination and raking more visitors than most holiday destinations in the United States.

In the present day, with the tourist count surging, the city development has included several options to improve the navigability and access to all parts of the River Walk. If river barge doesn’t thrill you, you can choose to explore the city via bike using the B-cycle program. It allows the users to rent the bikes and explore various locations. There are more than 50 stations throughout the downtown. But wait! The bike isn’t the only alternative. If you like to add a tinge of adventure to your list, try the kayaking that is available at the Mission Reach and South Town.

Theme Parks

If you are at the San Antonio to experience the fun part, you will not be disappointed. Whether old or young, there is just enough fun for everybody. There are world class award-winning theme parks that give the visitors the thrill of rides and water sports.

Some of the famous parks are Sea world, Six Flags, Fiesta Texas, these parks have rides and shows as well. If you are in for a total wet experience, you need to visit the Schlitterbahn Water Park Resort. It is rated as the best for family outings. 20 acres of fun landscapes with several pools will certainly keep you entertained. If that doesn’t make you happy nothing else will.