15 Best Fun Things To Do In Myrtle Beach


Myrtle Beach is an iconic coastal holiday attraction in the city of South Carolina, United States. It is one of the finest holiday destinations for the vacationers from around the world. The city’s sprawling beach, also known as Grand Strand in North-eastern South Carolina is one of the most spoken about destinations. This tourism hotspot is abuzz with visitors due to the subtropical settings that are favourable to spend the vacation.

Myrtle Beach attracts up to 14 million visitors annually. The census conducted in 2011 revealed that the city’s population was 27,109. But, 2013 census spawned whopping new figures. The metropolitan population has exceeded 465,391. If you are a vacationer in the Myrtle Beach area, this article will certainly interest you because we will tell you the best fun things to do in Myrtle Beach. Read on.

15 Best And Free Fun Things To Do In Myrtle Beach

Fun Things To Do In Myrtle Beach

Here is a list of best things to do in Myrtle Beach

1. Grand Strand Beach

It is one of the premium attractions of the city. Grand Strand was the name that was given to the beach by a newspaperman in the year 1940. The name ever since remained. Myriad people visit year after year to spend their vacation on 60 miles of sand and sea of the Grand Strand Beach. It is the number one reason that the city draws visitors.

With the visitor’s count peaking 14 million annually; it is a sheer indication of the pristine maintenance and promotion of the beautiful beach the world has seen. If you have been in Myrtle Beach, you will vouch for its enthralling appeal due to safety, cleanliness, and virtuous beauty. Leaving you feeling mesmerised. As the sun rises over the Atlantic backdrop, you would witness the beach being brought to life abuzz with the activity of people.

If you like waking into pleasant mornings as the warm sunlight gently lights up the Atlantic, you should try the Myrtle Beach. Beach walkers are cherished by the delicate mornings at one of the finest holiday destinations. But, if you love late night strolls, you wouldn’t be disappointed either. The beach is still the ideal place for you. The moonlight will show you the path while you bask in the haunting breeze. It is something you will carry while you return after the vacation. In the peak of summer, during the midday, the beach is occupied by people relishing America’s favourite pastime.

2. Beach Games

A lot haven’t changed since the beach began raking visitors. Since the 1940s, the Beach may have seen a few cosmetic changes like the evolution of bathing suits to revealing bikinis. But, the fun people have in the sun remains the same. The warm summer on the beach means lots of playtimes. You can play catch with baseball or football; the mature folks plays Bocce Ball while adults and youngsters alike play Volleyball and Frisbee. However, some games have been reinvented like the Ladderball, Cornhole, and Frisbee Golf. More new games keep showing up every summer.

3. Body Surfing/Boarding

Thrill seekers who like the sea more will find the body surfing enticing. Ever since the Beach Boys of the West sang the catchphrase – “Catch a wave, and you’re sitting on top of the world”, the America seems to have a craze for surfing the waves. If you aren’t a local, or if you do not have a surfboard, fret not! Walk into a local beachwear store and pick up a body board. Owning a body board wouldn’t weigh down your wallet if fun is what you are looking for. A body board will cost no more than, $5-10. Seasoned swimmers will quickly ace the art of bodysurfing. Sooner than you know, you could be having fun riding the waves. Body Surfing in the Myrtle Beach isn’t just for professionals. A beginner or a dauntless, fun with the waves is for all.

4. Building A Sandcastle

If you are the less adventurous type, but still looking for fun things to do in Myrtle beach, you could build sand castles. We all have done it while we were young, but somehow as we matured into adulthood, it seems like a forgotten hobby. But, there are some big boys on the block who are pro sand sculpture artists, who regularly visit the Myrtle Bach to show off their skills by making gargantuan artistic sculptures. Pro or not, you can do it too. Hey! The beach has enough sand for all.

5. Shelling

Shelling has been a hobby for many beachgoers. They scour the sands looking for perfect shells that they can carry home as souvenirs. Foraging the sand can be tiresome and takes relentless search to find the precious catch.  The best time to look for shells is in the early morning and after storms. During the low tide, you will have more sand to sift through. If you have been paying careful attention, you could also find the shark’s teeth.

6. Flyboarding and Jetpacks

If you are looking forward to surging your adventure factor, you can try Flyoarding and Jetpack. These are the latest adventure water sports. Tethered to a platform board and powered by a Jet Ski, you can experience the feel of flying 50 feet over the ocean. It is exhilarating and thrilling. When you are strapped to one of these machines, you will quickly find yourself getting in and out of the water. Thrust on these machines is fed by the Jet Ski motor via a flexible pipe, which will effortlessly launch the rider in the air at the flick of a switch.

Prior to riding the flyboard, you will be instructed by a flyboard Master Instructor with regards to operating the machine. A certified instructor will show you how it’s done, and you are ready to be thrilled this mean machine. Old and young thrill seekers love this sport alike. Maybe you can try the dolphin dive to impress yourself or your friends. After you familiarize with basics, you’re free to ride. No prior experience is necessary to operate a flyboard and a jetpack. After the certified crew straps you in and shows you how it’s done, you’ll have plenty of air time to impress yourself, your friends and family.

7. Myrtle Beach State Park Pier

Among many other resorts, the Myrtle Beach State Park provides a natural ambiance for thrill seekers and those who prefer lesser excitement alike. Paying a small entry fee will make you eligible for exotic facilities of the park such as – nature trails, beachfront, and picnic area. You can also indulge in fishing, but you will have to pay a minor fee to drop the hook in the water.

8. Surfside Pier

The Grand Strand has a family beach called as the Surfside Beach Pier. It allows fishing on any of the 830 ft stretch of the pier. In exchange for a dollar, you will be allowed a day’s access to the stretch of piers where there are plenty of bait and souvenir shops. You can also buy snacks and ice creams through the day while you are on Surfside Pier.

9. Cherry Grove Pier

This is one of the best things to do in Myrtle Beach. Summing up with a spectacular view of the shoreline, you have the 985 ft long Cherry Grover pier. It has ample space for you to stretch your fishing rod and reel in some fine catch. At the end of the fishing pier is a raised observation deck that allows you to bask in the smell and feel of the ocean.

9. Surfing

If you are at the Myrtle Beach on a vacation, you must try surfing the waves. The sandy bottom and smaller waves make it ideal for beginners surfing the Myrtle Beach. Surfing was once popular on the west coast. But, Myrtle Beach is soon catching up as a potential surfing hotspot. It is one of the best ways to enjoy the ocean. If you are unwilling to buy a surfboard but want to try it for sheer fun, there are shops that will help you with renting the surfboard. These shops will help you get trained to surf. You can even opt for a private lesson or group lesson. Once you have adapted to the training, you can choose from a range of wetsuits, surfing gears, and surfboards based on the seasons. In the peak of surfing season, you will find the local studs showing off their suave skills with the surfboard.

A. Kokopelli Surf Camp

If you are vacationing near Cherry Grove Pier and the Prince Resort, you should try the Kokopelli Surf Camp. It is a licensed camp for rookies. They follow the best safety standards while training surfers. The camp claims to be insured, licensed, and CPR certified.

B. Surf City Surf Shop

One of the oldest surfing shops in the Myrtle Beach is the Surf City Surf Shop. The store that was opened in 1978 sells the best surfing gears, surfboards, and clothing. The shop is located close to the Myrtle Beach avenues. They help you connect with the beach’s finest sport.

10. Sky Diving And Parasailing

Myrtle Beach is one of the best destinations for skydiving and parasailing. The breathtaking view of the shore could motivate anyone to take up skydiving. Get your chutes on and leap off a perfectly fine airplane to the exhilarating experience of wind swishing past your cheeks. Skydiving on a beautiful day over the Grand Strand it is one of a kind view. If you are an inexperienced jumper, you will be strapped to the seasoned skydiver, and you can enjoy the excitement while he or she pulls the right chords and ensures your safety.

Parasailing is another popular sport and parasailing masters will ensure you enjoy the experience over the Myrtle Beach without compromising your safety. The excitement is suitable for people of all ages. If you are uncomfortable with the high altitude jumps, and rather prefer a slower and lower approach, you can try the parasailing. You will be launched in a controlled manner while being towed safely tethered to a boat.

A. Myrtle Beach Skydiving

Yet another fun thing to do in Myrtle Beach is Skydiving. If 120-mile free fall and speed impresses you, then Myrtle Beach Skydiving can help you realize your dream. With a fine qualified staff to take care of your safety, you will also be provided a certified instructor. You can also earn certification for your solo flight.

11. Downwind Sails

If you want to get off the shore and take the fun right into the ocean, under the coordination of trained staff. You can choose several downwind rides such as Parasailing, Sailboat rentals, Jet Ski rentals, Banana Boat rides and ocean kayaking. To keep your afternoons mesmerizing, you can opt for downwind sails sports.

12. Helicopter Rides

A. Helicopter Adventures

If money is all you have, you can choose the helicopter ride over the Myrtle Beach. The “Helicopter Adventures” can help you achieve that dream. Located behind the Broadway Speedpark, they offer copter rides to civilians wanting a breathtaking view of the Grand Strand. They have seven helicopters and five landing pads they can arrange guest tours for 15 minutes.  Who says helicopter adventure isn’t fun?

B. Oceanfront Helicopters

Having over 40 years of experience, Oceanfront Helicopters offers tourists scenic rides over the iconic beach. Oceanfront Helicopters have had a reputation for holding excellent safety records for their professionalism and commitment to safety. Their tour operations extend from Myrtle Beach to wildlife in the Inlet areas.

13. Bike Rentals and Segway

If you love the riding the Segway, there is no place more convenient that the Myrtle Beach. There are several Bike and Segway rentals that offer customers an opportunity to spend a relaxing evening riding the stretch of the beach. If you love adventure sports, Myrtle Beach has everything you need. Whether, cycling, casual beach cruisers, or trail biking. It’s a one stop destination for all types of people with all kinds of adventure needs. You could find the map to Myrtle Beach area that helps you navigate the iconic beach.

The motorized Segway is ideal for exploring Myrtle Beach. You need not have a special license to operate a Segway. It is suitable for old and the young alike. You will be instructed how to use a Segway before you set off exploring the area.

A. Myrtle Beach Segway

They are one of the 5 Segway renters in the Myrtle Beach area. Myrtle Beach Segway offers guided tours for two hours to tourists who like to explore the local attractions of the Myrtle Beach area. The tours are available in the areas such as Huntington Beach State Park, maritime forests, dining tour and Market Common shopping.

B. Beach Bike Shop

If you like the riding the Beach Cruisers on your vacation, you should try the Beach Bike Shop in the downtown resort area, that is closer to the Beach. Their services cater to the needs of beginners and professionals. The bike rentals will give you bike locks and map to the Myrtle Beach area.

14. Horseback Riding

Grandstrand is one of the few places where riding these strong, noble animals will be a remarkable and a memorable experience. Threading slowly over the trails, courses, and rural landscapes, it allows the tourists to get the true feel of exploring the Myrtle Beach Area. Grandstrand has a diverse variety of flora and fauna that can only be explored if you are riding horses. There are multiple local businesses in the area that extends the opportunity for the tourists to learn horse riding. Summer camps extend guided tours to young riders. In the winter, you will be permitted to ride the horse on the beach as well. It will be an unforgettable experience.

A. Horseback Riding Of Myrtle Beach

Guided tours are best enjoyed on horseback. The Horseback Riding is one of the finest tour guide companies in the Myrtle Beach area. They offer guided tours to people of all ages. Children from 3 to 8 years old can ride on buddy seat with a parent. Older children are allowed to ride by themselves. The company offers the package where you can explore places such as the farmlake in Conway, Garden City Beach, and Myrtle Beach. You need not have any prior experience to be eligible to ride horses.

15. Zip Lines

The number of ways you can explore the Myrtle Beach is unlimited. If you do not like the high altitude jumps or being close to the ground, you can still seek out ways to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Myrtle Beach. Zip Line is one among them. Strapped to the harness and safely tethered to the cord, you can enjoy picture perfect sights hanging several feet above the ground. With nothing but gravity towing you from one end to another, the excitement is moderate, and the ride is considered safe and suitable for people of all ages. It is an adventure that befits all.

A. Myrtle Beach Zipline Adventures

If you are vacationing at Myrtle Beach with your family and friends, you should try the Myrtle Beach Adventures. If you like to cruise in the air with the Atlantic in the backdrop; and you want to try it with your family side by side, then Myrtle Beach Zipline Adventures has one stop solution for all your needs. Traveling at 40miles an hour on a 600 feet cable lined side by side, you will quickly find yourself at the edge of excitement. The best part of your ride is that there is a 60 feet drop that awaits you at the end of the ride. Of course into safety!