Where Do Crocodiles Live?

Crocodiles belong to the family Crocodylidae. There are around 23 species of crocodiles throughout the world. The word crocodile has its origin from Greek word for lizard. Unlike other living creatures, crocodiles have negligibly evolved since the age of dinosaurs. Crocodiles are an important species in the food chain. They prey upon fish, small mammals, birds, alligators, small crocodiles and other few creatures in the water bodies. Their number is rapidly declining due to the destruction of their habitats and uncontrolled poaching. Crocodiles are declared endangered since August 2014. To understand more about the crocodiles we will have to know- Where do crocodiles live.

where do crocodiles liveCharacteristics Of Crocodiles

Crocodiles are successful predators with streamlined bodies. They are grey-olive or grey-green in color. They have a slender, long and V-shaped snout. A crocodile can not only swim very fast, but can also tuck its feet sideways while swimming to reduce the resistance of water. The ventral side, i.e. the belly and sides, of the crocodile is very smooth, while the dorsal side is thick and rugged, and has large scales. Crocodiles have 80 teeth and are classified as polyphyodonts. Crocodiles have cerebral cortex and their hearts are four chambered. Crocodiles release heat through their mouths, as they do not have sweat glands. Their mouths are open when they sleep.


Classification Of Crocodiles

  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Class: Reptilia
  • Order: Crocodylia
  • Family: Crocodylidae
  • GeneraCrocodylus, Mecistopsand Osteolaemus
  • Species: There are 13 species: acutus(American crocodile), C. porosus (saltwater crocodile), C. niloticus (Nile crocodile), M. cataphractus (African slender-snouted crocodile), C. rhombifer (Cuban crocodile), O. tetraspis (African dwarf crocodile)

Crocodile Habitat And Distribution

Crocodiles are found throughout Asia, Australia, Africa and America. They reside in various kinds of habitats. Mostly, the crocodiles live in shoreline habitats. They prefer living in shallow and deep waters. The habitat and distribution patterns of crocodile depend upon population density, population class, size of crocodiles and human encroachments.

Where Do Crocodiles Live?

Usually, crocodiles live near salty water. Crocodiles can live in water, as well as on land. But they need to stay close to a water body. Crocodiles are very dangerous. In case of an encounter with a crocodile, you should run away from a water body, as far as possible. The largest population of American crocodiles occurs in the Dominican Republic‘s Laco Enriquillo. It is a hyper saline and landlocked lake and is 130 meters below sea level.

Where Do Freshwater Crocodiles Live?

Freshwater crocodiles are generally found in Western Australia and Queensland, Northern Territory. Mainly, they will inhabit rivers, wetlands, creeks and billabongs. Freshwater crocodiles can live in the waters where the saltwater crocodiles cannot survive. Hence, they are found in Kakadu National Park and Katherine Gorge, where there are minimum chances of their coming in direct contact with salt water crocodiles.

Where Do Saltwater Crocodiles Live?

Saltwater crocodiles are widespread throughout India. They are also found in Western Australia, Northern Australia and near the Northern Territory, Queensland. During summers, they migrate towards the southern tip of Northern Queensland. During wet season, they inhabit freshwater swamps like rivers and tropical waters.

What Do Crocodiles Eat?

Crocodiles are very skilful predators. They eat fish, reptiles, birds, mammals, molluscs, crustaceans, amphibians and may occasionally eat small crocodiles too. Different types of crocodiles prey on different animals. In short, crocodiles eat all the animals that come across their way. They eat deers, cows, wild boars, small elephant, fish, gazelles, carrion, dingos, water buffaloes, wildebeest, kangaroos and human beings. It is also discovered that crocodiles may eat sharks, occasionally. Crocodiles have very acidic stomachs, so they can digest horns, bones and hooves too.

How Long Do Crocodiles Live?

Crocodiles have an average lifespan for up to 70 years. It is recorded, that a crocodile in a zoo of Russia died at the age of 115 years, in 1997. It is very difficult to measure the age of a crocodile due to many factors. Generally, the age of crocodiles is measured by lamellar growth rings and teeth and mouth. This method cannot give the age of any crocodile accurately. In another method for measuring the age of a crocodile, it can be tagged at the time of birth and the record should be kept until its death. This is not a very accurate method too. “Mr. Freshie”, a crocodile that was rescued by Steve Irwin and Bob Irwin is believed to have lived up to an age of 120-140 years, in an Australian zoo.

What sounds do crocodiles make for communication amongst themselves and with other animals?

  • Peeping – When the young ones are about to hatch from the eggs, they make a peeping or a chirping sound. After this, the female excavates the nest and transfers the hatchlings into water. For several months, they remain in group, protected by the female.
  • Threat call – It is a kind of hissing sound and can be classified as a coughing sound too.
  • Distress call – The young crocodiles make a high pitched sound when they want to indicate danger or attack.
  • Hatching call – A female makes a peculiar sound after laying eggs to inform other crocodiles about it.
  • Bellowing – A low-pitched sound called ‘bellowing’ is made by male crocodiles to advertise their presence. It occurs in spring, most often.

Facts About Crocodiles

  • Though crocodiles come under the classification of reptiles, they resemble birds and dinosaurs more.
  • The largest saltwater crocodile ever recorded was 28 feet long and weighed 2,870 pounds. It was shot in Queensland, Australia in 1957.
  • Crocodiles cool down themselves by sleeping with their mouth open.
  • Crocodiles can swim with a speed of 32 kph.
  • On land, they can run only a short distance, i.e. with about 11 kph of speed.
  • They can hold their breath under water for 1 hour.
  • Crocodiles can apply a pressure up to 5000 pounds through their jaws.
  • Hunting of crocodiles for their skin to trade is illegal.
  • Crocodylus acutus is a species of crocodiles that is included in IUCN Red list.
  • Crocodiles are believed to have appeared 240 million years ago, along with dinosaurs.


What Animals Live In The Rainforest?

Forests having a high annual rainfall between 250 and 450 centimeters are termed as Rainforests. Rainforests are of 2 types – Tropical rainforest and Temperate rainforest. Rainforests include 40 percent to 75 percent of the biotic species on earth. The rainforests are a treasure containing millions of animals, plants, insects, microorganisms etc. As you have landed up on this article, you would be curious to know – What animals live in the rainforest?

Where Are The Rainforests Located?

Rainforests cover about 6% of the earth’s surface. Rainforests occur in the tropical regions of the globe. They are spread over Central America, the Amazon, Central Africa, Southern Asia and Australasia.

What Are Common Characteristics Of The Animals In Rainforests?

Rainforests are a home to various types of animals and they have some characteristics that resemble. They are adapted to living with lots of trees. Their food habits depend a lot on fruits. They have developed loud vocalizations. Most of them have bright colors and precise patterns.

What Animals Live In The Rainforests?

Like all other food webs, even the rainforests have more plant eaters than the meat eaters. Rainforests have mammals like jaguars and sloths, birds like toucans and parrots, amphibians like toads and frogs, reptiles like lizards and snake, worms, arachnids like ticks and spiders, insects like beetles and butterflies.

Where Do Different Animals Live In The Rainforests?

In any type of ecosystem, animals show interdependence and co-existence. Different animals live in different strata of the rainforest. Generally, large animals live on the floor, while birds live in the canopy and tops of tall trees. Animals like sloths and monkeys live in the trees and are called ‘arboreal’. Insects are found in all the strata.

How Do The Animals In The Rainforest Protect Themselves From Predators?

  • Camouflage – When an animal changes its skin color to blend into its environment, it is called Camouflage. When they are still, most of the camouflaging animals appear to be invisible, virtually. Sloth uses a different kind of camouflaging technique. It is covered with greenish algae. Moreover, it moves very slowly. So it is very hard to spot a sloth, in a rainforest.
  • Hiding – Many of the animals hide from their predators by entering in burrows or hollows of the trees. They can also hide under leaves and rocks.
  • Mimicry or Warning colors – Some poisonous animals show flashy patterns and bright colors. This is a defence method for them. On eating a member of that particular species, the predator will fall sick. Next time, it will not make any other animal, of the same species, its prey. Though some animals are sacrificed in this method, it protects an entire group from predation, in future. Some animals just mimic poisonous butterflies and save themselves from becoming a prey. This is called mimicry.
  • Creating a fear – Some animals try to show such body patterns that they appear bigger than their predators. Thus, the predators are scared and will not try to consume those animals. For example, wings of butterfly have a pattern like an eye of huge animal. This lets the predator believe that it is the head of an animal bigger than itself and it will not try to harm the butterfly.


Now, let us discuss about some animals in the rainforest:

  1. Chimpanzees

what animals live in the rainfor
Image Courtesy:www.huffingtonpost.com

Chimpanzees have a height ranging from 3 to 5 feet. They do not have a tail, but have a white tail tuft. They eat fruits and new leaves. They also eat termites and ants, occasionally. In very rare instances, they eat small monkeys, antelopes or pigs. Chimps are declared endangered species.

  1. Bengal Tiger
tropical rainforest
Image Courtesy:prezi.com

Bengal tiger is found in Sunderbans in India, China, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Siberia. It is a carnivorous animal which will feed on other animals in the forest. Bengal Tigers are poached because of medicinal properties in their body parts. Their population has decreased and they are declared endangered.

  1. African Forest Elephants

tropical rainforest animals
Image Courtesy:animalsadda.com

These elephants have straight tusks. They are poached because of ivory. The continuous logging is also a threat for their survival.

  1. Dawn Bat

rain forest mammal
Image Courtesy: www.projectnoah.org

Dawn bat is found in Southeast Asian Rainforest. They have small and pointed ears and round and tiny eyes. They are nocturnal. They feed on nectar and pollens of nocturnal plant species. Some of the plants also depend on bats for pollination.

  1. Harpy Eagle

 rainforest animals in the world
Image Courtesy: www.fortworthzoo.org

It is one of the most powerful species of the eagles. It is found in Central and South America. It is an endangered species due to its loss of habitat and shooting.

  1. King Cobra

    animals in tropical rain forest
    Image Courtesy: abc13.com

King Cobra is found in Southeast Asian rainforests. No snakes except King Cobra will build a nest and guard the eggs until they are hatched. It eats other snakes.

  1. Linne’s Sloth

rare animal living in rain forest

Linn’s Sloth is an omnivorous animal. It moves very slowly.

  1. Proboscis Monkey

what animals live in the tropical rainforest
Image Courtesy: www.thinglink.com

It is found only on the island of Borneo, in Southeast Asia. It has a large and fleshy nose. They live near the mangroves.

  1. Slender Loris

tropical rainforest animal

It is a nocturnal animal. It is small in size. It is found in Southern India and Sri Lanka. They eat lots of bad smelling insects.

  1. Sumatra Rhinoceros

tropical rainforest wild life

They are found in the rainforests of Malaysia and Indonesia. They are the only Asian rhinoceros that have two horns. They are critically endangered species.

  1. Vampire Bats

important tropical rainforest animals
Image Courtesy: kids.nationalgeographic.com

Vampire bats look like pigs that have large pointed ears and fangs. They drink the blood of mammals and birds. Farmers kill the usually because they are carriers of rabies and they infect the cattle and humans.

Hope you have got sufficient information about animals that live in rainforest, through this article. If you have any query or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment box.

How To Get Grease Out Of Clothes?

After having a blast in last night’s party or after repairing your car on an outing or after massaging your baby with body-oil, some of us are left with a situation which demands us thinking about – how to get grease out of clothes? I am sure even you are really upset about your favorite dress or shirt being stained with oil and are here to look out for an easy solution to remove grease from clothes. Don’t worry! I have brought some fantastic tips for you on how to get grease out of clothes. Let’s get started:

How To Get Grease Stains Out Of Clothes?

How To Get Grease Out Of Clothes

1. Shampoo

Surprised? If you can use it to rinse off the oil in your hair, then why not on your clothes! Just take a little bit of shampoo and rub it on the grease stains, leave for few minutes and wash it off. This technique has always worked wonders with me.

2. Corn Starch and Dish wash detergent

Place your cloth on a surface and sprinkle some corn starch over the stain of grease. It should be left to settle quite for some time, say about 30-60 minutes. Then, rub the dish wash soap on the stain. Rub in circular motions, that way the grease comes out with less effort. Using an old tooth-brush or nail brush, for rubbing the stain is better.

3. Baby Powder

We all relish fry foods and love to cook them with our own style. But the oil that splashes on our clothes gets cooked up in the kitchen, due to the ambient heat. So easiest way to get rid of the oil on your clothes is to sprinkle some baby powder on the stain and dab it well. Rub with a brush till the marks are gone or fade considerably. Then, wash off the cloth.

4. Chalk

Did you imagine that even a writing chalk can be useful to remove grease from clothes? For this technique, you just have to rub some chalk on the grease spot. Let the chalk absorb the oil or grease and then brush it. Wash the piece of cloth and wear that stainless garment again. You can use this technique, even to remove the dirt on the collar of your shirts. Its easy, cheap and effective.

5. Salt and alcohol

Salt and alcohol can be just rubbed thoroughly on the grease stains and they will leave your clothes stain-free, after being washed. You can use this tip not only for your clothes, but also for your carpets and rugs.

6. Baking Soda

When it comes to cleaning things, baking soda is a must to be tried on. Cover your grease stains with baking soda. Leave it for about 6 hours. Wash off your cloth and you will see the stains vanished. Baking soda can also be used to remove grease stains from your stove and wallpapers.

7. Shaving Cream

Well, my friends! Even shaving cream can be used to clean the spots of grease from clothes or carpets. You just have to apply some shaving cream on the stains, let it dry and then wash your cloth. The stains will go away.

8. Hair-spray

Like some of you, I never used hair-spray for my hair. So I did not even have one, at my home. But few months back, a friend of mine suggested me to use it to remove grease stains from clothes. Since then, I always make it a point to keep a bottle of hair-spray at home. For this, you just have to spray a generous amount of hair-spray on the grease marks. Then just wash the cloth and let it air-dry for best results.

9. WD-40

If grease stains come from garage, then even the solution has to come from garage. We all know, WD-40 can be used for numerous tasks. Then, removing stains is also one of its uses. Also, most of us keep it in our garage. You just have to spray the grease stain with WD-40 and let it stay for 30-40 minutes. Then brush the stain with a little dish soap and wash it.

10. Vinegar

In a bowl, take equal quantities of vinegar and water. Damp a cotton swab or cloth in this solution. Then wipe the grease stain with this. The stains will be removed. For better results, wash the stained cloth after doing this process.

11. Waterless Mechanics’ Soap

This is basically a dry soap and there are several brands available in market. You just have to rub this soap over the stain for few minutes, till it penetrates into the stain, completely. This soap has grease-cutting properties. So leave it for 30 minutes and it will break down the stain. Repeat, if desired results are not achieved. Finally, wash as per the directions and then air dry.

12. Coca-Cola

If we can drink Coca-Cola for our food to get digested, then same principle applies to the grease stain. Oil stains should be broken using it. Pour some Coca-Cola on the grease stains, leave it for 1-2 hours, wash and air dry. This will rinse-off the stains. Now, you’ll be thinking about the new stains this drink will leave on your clothes. Don’t worry! They’ll easily be removed by a wash if not left unattended for more than 2 hours.

13. Aloe Vera

Firstly, you have to soak the stained part of your cloth in water for some time. Then rub some Aloe Vera gel on the grease spots and wash it well. The oil stains will go away.

14. Toothpaste

Toothpaste works great in removing oil stains, especially on cotton fabrics. Apply some toothpaste on the oil stains and rub them gently with a brush. Wash the cloth and the stains will be removed.

Next time, when will be eating out like a glutton or cooking his favorite dish to your hubby or becoming a mechanic for your car or massaging your baby out of love or just being a carefree soul- your joy will not be suppressed by the thought of staining out your clothes. I hope, our 14 easy tips remove to get rid of grease from clothes, will help you have stain-free clothes. If you have some more tips or want to share your experiences about our tips, do write to us.

Why Are Polar Bears Endangered?

According to the definition, endangered species are those living creatures which are seriously at the risk of extinction. Polar bears are one such species that have been declared to be threatened, by the Endangered Species Act, since 2008. Polar bears are the first animals that made to the list endangered species, due to the problem of Global warming. In this article, we shall learn about – Why Are Polar Bears Endangered?

 Why Are Polar Bears Endangered

Where Do The Polar Bears Live?

The scientific name of a polar bear is Ursus maritimus. It is the only type of bear that is recognised as a marine mammal. Polar bears live in the Northern Hemisphere which is the Arctic region of North America and Eurasia. They can live on land and the ice of the sea. The countries in which they are found generally are Greenland (Denmark), Norway, Russia and Canada. They are also found in the state of Alaska in the U.S.A.

What Is The Scientific Classification Of Polar Bears?

Kingdom – Animalia
Phylum     – Chordata
Class         – Mammalia
Order         – Carnivora
Family       – Ursidae
Genus       – Ursus
Species       – Ursus maritimus

How Did The Polar Bears Evolve?

According to the recent researches, it is believed that polar bears evolved in the time span from 3.5 to 6 million years ago. They separated from their common brown bear ancestors. Over the years, they adapted themselves to live in the extremely cold climate of polar region of Northern Hemisphere.

What Is The Size Of A Polar Bear?

Polar bears are giant animals. Adult males weigh between three hundred fifty kilograms to six hundred kilograms or more. Adult females are comparatively smaller. They weigh between one hundred fifty kilograms to two hundred ninety five kilograms. Generally, their body length is between 2 to 2.5 metres.

What Is The Life-Span Of Polar Bears?

Life-span of polar bears is 15 to 18 years, on an average. Some polar bears can also reach up to the ages of mid 30s.

What Are The Reasons For Survival Of Polar Bears In The Arctic Climate?

Polar bears are adapted to live in the arctic environment, where the temperature falls up to -45 degree Celsius. Polar bears are covered by 2 fur layers, which keep them warm. When they are getting proper food and healthy surrounding, they also develop a thick layer of fats over their bodies. Polar bears have compact ears and tiny tails. So the heat loss from their bodies is very less.

Polar bears have feet covered with fur. Their feet also have papillae (small bumps) that prevent them from slipping. They are very sensitive to smell and can detect seals very easily. Their claws are very powerful and specially adapted to hunt for the seals from the sea.

What Do The Polar Bears Eat?

Polar bears are carnivorous animals. They are very skilled hunters on land, as well as in sea. Their habitat has plenty of seals. So they depend mostly on the seals for their food. They can eat both ringed and bearded seals. If available, polar bears also eat the sea birds and their eggs. They also scavenge for dead animals in the sea like walrus and small whales. After eating, the fur and the skin of polar bear turn a little reddish. Baby polar bears are not good hunters. So they are fed hunted food by their mothers up to the age of 2 to 3 years.

What Is The Current Population Of Polar Bears?

The exact population of polar bears cannot be traced as they are spread over various countries. The current estimation says that their population is 21,000 to 25,000. Their population and survival depends on many facts like environmental pollution, climate change, global warming and loss of habitat by human activities.

Why Are Polar Bears Endangered?

Polar bears are right at the top of the food chain. They consume the seals from the sea and prevent their over population. In past years, there has been a huge development in the oil and gas sectors, in the region of the habitat of polar bears. Actually, the baby polar bears are raised in these areas. So it is a great hurdle for the baby polar bears to reach adulthood.

Global warming has affected the habitat of polar bears massively. The change in temperature is very rapid in the Arctic region, compared to any other place. This is because of the global warming. The ice cap is shrinking constantly. The arctic ice has started to melt and the ocean water has started exposing to the sunlight. This has an ill effect on the feeding cycle of the polar bears. Their breeding and habitat is also adversely affected. Hence, there will be a gradual extinction of polar bears, due to the degradation of their natural habitat. If this rate of global warming continues, most of the ice in the region of the Arctic will melt, by the end of this century. Hence, the polar bears will also be extinct.

What Are The Mating And Reproduction Seasons Of Polar Bears?

In April or May, the polar bears feed heavily and then mate. After mating, the females dig dens in mountain slopes or hills, around the sea shores, in late October or early November. The cubs are born in these dens, in November or December.

At the time of the birth, the cubs are 30 to 35 centimeters in length. They weigh between half to 1 kilogram. Surprisingly, they are blind at the time of the birth. They are without tooth and have short fur. So they are completely dependent on their mothers for food and warmth. The cubs grow rapidly due to the rich calorie content in their mother’s milk. Birth of twin cubs is very common in polar bears. The cubs live with their mothers for about 2.5 years.

How Can A Common People Help In The Conservation Of Polar Bears?

  • Use public transport systems, as much as possible. You can also walk or ride bicycles.
  • Buy fuel efficient vehicles or rather, drive less.
  • Use water wisely.
  • Conserve power by turning off equipments, when not in use. You can also replace old equipments with power efficient equipments.
  • Support the research and organizations working towards the betterment of polar bears and other wildlife.
  • Buy product from the companies that are using eco-friendly methods.
  • Educate your family and friends about wildlife and its conservation.

Some Polar Bear Facts To Know:

  • Polar bears can hibernate partially.
  • Polar bears are not albino.
  • Polar bears are solitary. They do not hunt in groups.
  • Polar bears do not hunt humans, generally, as they are not their natural prey. But there are various cases when they have killed humans.
  • The polar bears move to land in summers, when the ice mass is thinner.
  • Polar bears never eat penguins because polar bears live in the arctic region, while penguins live in the Antarctic region.
  • Only female polar bears can be tracked. The neck of male polar bears is wider than their heads. So the collars that have to be tied on the necks, for tracking, fall off very easily. Hence, male polar bears cannot be tracked.

How Many Teeth Do Sharks Have?

Sharks are fierce and have dreadful teeth. When you are in on an adventurous trip, you are always careful whether a shark is seen around. What makes shark so ferocious is its teeth. They can tear the skin and organs of any living organism. You might be wondering, “How many teeth do sharks have?” Shark’s teeth are a delight to read about, as they have a variety of properties. In this article, we have tried to compile all the relevant facts about shark teeth to keep the exploration interesting for you. Let us begin.

How Many Rows Of Teeth Do Shark Have?

How Many Teeth Do Sharks Have

The number and rows of teeth in shark may differ from species to species in sharks. The number of rows in each jaw may vary from 5 to 15, depending upon the species. Shark teeth are not strong like human teeth because they do not have roots, at all. So each tooth falls in about one week. Every time a shark bites on a big creature, it loses several teeth.

Once the teeth fall, the developing teeth replace them. Generally, a shark has about fifty working teeth in its mouth, at a time. Also, the teeth at different stages of development, present in the mouth of a shark, are approximately 300. Due to the higher rate of loss of teeth, the sharks have more than 50,000 teeth in their whole lifetime.

Types And Functions Of The Teeth:

Different sharks can be classified on the basis of the teeth they have and the functions such teeth perform in consuming their prey. They are as follows:

Needle-like Teeth

Sharks that have needle-like teeth, generally feed on small and medium fishes, or on smaller sharks. These teeth are designed to grip their narrow and slippery meals. Bull sharks and blue sharks have such teeth. These sharks feed on flounder, squids, stingray etc.

Dense Flattened Teeth

Such teeth are helpful in crushing the prey effectively. Sharks having such teeth can easily prey on crustaceans and bivalves. Angel sharks and nurse sharks have such teeth. Their flat teeth make cutting open the shells of their prey. Generally, such fishes reside at the bottom of the ocean floor due to the abundance of their prey, in this region.

Triangular Upper Teeth & Pointed Lower Teeth

Such a combination of teeth in some sharks helps them to cut large prey into smaller segments, which will make the swallowing of the meal easier. The Great White sharks have such teeth. They prey mostly on other sharks, dolphins, sea lions and small whales.

Non-functional Teeth

The sharks having such non-functional teeth feed only on planktons. They only filter the tiny prey through their teeth. Whale shark and basking shark are such sharks.

Interesting Facts About Shark:

  • Sharks do not have roots in their teeth for attachment to the gums.
  • All sharks lose one tooth a week, at least.
  • Most of the times shark teeth are stuck to their prey or come out while eating. So they lose their teeth.
  • In most of the animals, only lower jaw can move. But in sharks, both jaws are movable.
  • The skin of gums in sharks acts like a conveyer belt which arranges an easy replacement of the lost teeth by the developing one.
  • Generally, any teeth will be replaced within one day in sharks.
  • Sharks have 5 to 15 rows of teeth in each jaw, in general. But some sharks like the bull shark can have up to 50 rows, in each jaw.
  • You can easily gather shark teeth in some oceans. But it is illegal in many countries to keep shark teeth without a licence.
  • The teeth of the sharks fossilize after the death of the shark and decomposition of its body.
  • A shark tooth takes around 10,000 years to fossilize. Till now, the most commonly fossilized shark teeth found were from the Cenozoic era, which occurred 65,000 years ago.
  • Venice in Florida is called the “shark capital of the world.”
  • Surprisingly, sharks have a complete set of teeth when they are born.
  • The shape of the teeth in shark is determined by the types of their prey. For instance, tiger sharks possess piercing teeth that can tear the flesh of animals, while zebra sharks have flat and dense teeth to feed on creatures like molluscs.
  • Whale sharks have up to 3000 little teeth, but their use is very negligent. They mostly feed by filtering their prey through their gills.
  • The megalodon sharks have teeth ranging from 31/2 to seven inches in length. They can even be more than a pound in weight.
  • It was recently discovered that shark tooth also contains fluorides.
  • Cavities do not occur in shark’s teeth.
  • Dentin is a soft mineral that is present in the teeth of the sharks, as well as humans.
  • Compared to human teeth the coating of shark teeth is less water-soluble. Their teeth are also acid resistant.
  • In terms of hardness, shark teeth and human teeth are similar.
  • In ancient times, shark teeth were used as tools and weapons by human beings.
  • Sharks have a very strong sense of smell, which makes them such successful predators. It is discovered that two third of their brains work to sense smell.
  • Most of the sharks have a mirror-like layer over their eyes, which help them to have a better view in the clear water and murky water.
  • The “lateral line” is a line of canals in a shark’s body that allows it to feel vibrations with the help of water.
  • Sharks can also sense electrical coming field from their prey’s body through an unusual organ known as “ampullae of Lorenzini.”
  • Common types of shark are Zebra, Wobbegong, White Tip Reef, Whale, Tiger, Thresher, Spiny Dogfish, Sandtiger, Nurse, Mako, Hammerhead, Great White, Goblin, Cookiecutter, Bull, Blue, Blacktip, Blacktip Reef, Baskin and Angel Sharks.

We hope that this article provided you satisfactory information on “How many teeth do sharks have?” If you want to share any other interesting facts about sharks, feel free to drop them in the comment box given below.

How Long Does It Take For Advil To Work?

Pain is that one thing no one can save himself or herself from. In today’s fast-paced world, where no one has time to take care of their health, where everyone is busy in chasing their dreams, where everyone wants to reach the heights of their career, they do not have time to think about anything. Moreover, there is no harm in chasing your dreams and thinking about reaching to the heights of your career. But at the same time it is not right that you neglect your health. Therefore, whenever you feel pain in your body, or you feel that this pain is becoming the obstacle in your path of progress, here is a superb solution for it. Just go with a tablet of Advil. Now you will ask what is Advil, why you should take, and most importantly, how long does it take for Advil to work? Let us look at all the answers one by one.

how long does it take for Advil to work

What Is Advil?

Before looking into the various important aspects of the medicine, let us first understand what Advil is? It is a form of Ibuprofen and is used to get the effective and instant relief from almost all types of pains. The primary role of Advil is to reduce the inflammation, pain and fever from the human body. The reason of these pains and inflammation can be because of many reasons. Some of which include, toothache, menstrual cramps, pain in the back, headache, arthritis or even from the minor injury. The most important thing you need to keep in mind before taking or giving any dose of Advil is that you cannot consume the tablet if you are less than two years of age. However, if it is urgent to give Advil to someone who is less than two years of age, please take the advice of your doctor or the healthcare professional.

The reason for this advice is that there are many dangerous and negative side effects that can affect our body organs severely and can even cause damage to them. We will have a deeper look into the various side effects of Advil later in the article. Moreover, we will also understand the correct way of consuming Advil and the normal doses that a person can have, and under what circumstances we should avoid Advil.

Factors To Consider Before Consuming Advil

Advil is not an ordinary tablet; there are many factors that you must consider before consuming even its minutest dose. Let us have a look on those factors.

Sorry to say this, but if you do not take Advil in proper circumstances and with proper procedure, it may even cost you your life. According to the various medically proved researches, Advil increases the risk of fatal heart attacks and can even cause strokes in you if you are taking doses of Advil for the longer times. If you recently have undergone or are going for the heart bypass surgery, CABG, also known as coronary artery bypass graft, you must completely avoid even a single dose of Advil.

Not only your heart but also your stomach is not safe from Advil. Over consumption or unnecessary consumption of Advil may severely damage your stomach and can even cause the intestinal bleeding. The worst part about all these situations is that they may trigger without informing you or giving you any signs of their origin. Hence, it is highly recommended that whether you are suffering from any of the aforementioned problems or not, always consult with the pharmacist, your doctor or the healthcare professional before taking the smallest dose of Advil.

Here is a clear list of the factors that you must look for before going for the dose of Advil. Totally avoid Advil if you have:

• A heart disease or the history of heart disease, congestive heart failure
• Asthma
• History of stroke, heart attack or of blood clot
• Polyps in your nose
• The problem of blood pressure
• Some disease of liver or kidney, and many more.

Moreover, apart from the aforementioned factors, if you are pregnant, especially if you are in the last three months of your pregnancy, you must avoid Advil, as it may cause harm to the unborn child. Therefore, if any time during your pregnancy period you suffer from pain, do not go for Advil directly, and instead take the advice from the pharmacist, doctor or the healthcare professional. As there are numerous alternatives to Advil present in the market, which are safer than the Advil.

How Much Advil Is Safe?

Now comes the most important part, the correct dosage of Advil. While consuming Advil, make sure that you do not increase or decrease the recommended amount of dosage for you. If you are confused with the dosage amount, it is always advisable that you consult with the pharmacist, doctor or the healthcare professional. If you overdose the Advil, your stomach and intestine may have to face severe damage.

The prescribed dosage of Advil for a normal adult is 800 mg per dose or 3200 mg per day. If we convert this amount into a number of doses, it comes around four doses per day. However, it is advisable that you take the smallest amount of Advil, no matter what the problem is. Moreover, if you are planning to give Advil to children, then the dose must be in accordance with the weight of your child. However, it is always best to consult with the doctor or healthcare professional.

How Long Does It Take For Advil To Work?

As Advil is available in the various forms, the timings of their work are also different. For example, if you have taken the liquid version of Advil, the effect is so fast, and you can get relief in just 30 minutes. On the other hand, if you have taken the tablet, it may take up to 50 minutes to get the relief in your pain.

How To Get Rid Of A Stye In Your Eye?

A stye is one of the most common problems that people are getting today. The reasons for the styes can be many, for example, contact of your eyes with the foreign substances, which include dust, the impurity in air, bacteria in the air and many more. Now you may ask how to get rid of a stye in your eye? So, the answer is here presented in this article. Just read on and acquaint yourself with many solutions that you can use to remove stye from your eyes.

how to get rid of a stye in your eye

How To Get Rid Of A Stye In Your Eye?

Now let us understand how you can get rid of this painful stye from your eyes.

Clean Your Stye Carefully

Generally, you can get a stye without any reason. However, sometimes your eyes can come into the contact with foreign substances like makeup or dust, and hence, these can be the reasons behind getting a stye. You may not know, but stye itself is a form of bacterial infection. Therefore, whenever you get a stye, the first thing you need to do is to clean the surrounding area. To do so, follow these steps:

• The first thing you need to do is to wash your hands thoroughly. Once done, with the help of cotton dipped in warm water, gently cleanse the stye. If you do not have cotton, you can go with the special eyelid scrub or shampoo that is diluted and tear-free, for example, baby shampoos.

• Before starting the procedure, make sure that your both hands and the cotton or eyelid scrub is completely clean. Otherwise, if they will not, there are chances of getting more of the germs and debris to the area surrounding the stye.

• The primary reason of causing styes is the staphylococcal bacteria, which can get into the follicle of hair or inside the gland that is present at the corner of an eye. It occurs due to repetitive touching of the eye with the dirty hands. Moreover, certain other bacteria can trigger the stye in your eyes.

Take Help Of Warm Compress

The second method to get the relief in your stye is using the warm compress. It is one of the most effective treatments to get your stye cured. You can make the warm compress with the help of a clean towel or you can even use some other fabric and dip them in warm water. Once dipped, place the compress on your eye and leave it for around five to ten minutes.

• After five to ten minutes, when the compress is cool, dip it again in the warm water and repeat the procedure for almost same time duration.

• Repeat this process twice to thrice in a day. Make sure that you are consistent in performing the process if you want to cure your stye.

• This process is very helpful as it cause your stye to shrink down and release the pus, which is inside it. If you experience pus coming out of stye, gently rinse it. Never squeeze or press the stye, only apply a firm but soft pressure to remove the pus.

• Once the pus is out of your stye, our major problem is solved, and you can experience quick fix in your stye.

Go With The Anti-bacterial Cream

The third option is to go with anti-bacterial cream. You can easily find this anti-bacterial cream over the counter, which are specially made to cure the styes. However, if you are in the dilemma and are not able to land on any decision as which cream is best for you, it is advisable that you discuss with the pharmacist or with your healthcare professional.

• While applying the cream, take a small dab and apply it on the stye. Make sure that it does not enter your eye. The best part of these creams is that they heal the stye very fast. As these creams have local anesthetic, which can provide the temporary relief to your eye. Therefore, it is highly advisable that cream should not enter your eye as these anesthetics can cause significant damage to them.

• If, accidentally, you get any cream inside your eye, flush it out carefully and gently with the help of warm water and instantly contact your doctor or the healthcare professional.

• Always use the recommended dosage as indicated on the packaging.

Home Remedies To Treat Stye

All the above solutions are perfect for treating the stye; however, nothing can beat the home remedies. So, let us have a look on some of the home remedies that will help in curing the stye. Always remember while using the home remedies that they do not enter your eyes, otherwise may cause further damage to your eyes. Moreover, these remedies are not medically proven but are effective in the treatment of styes.

  1. Use the wash of coriander seed. To achieve this, soak a little quantity of coriander seeds in the water for about an hour, strain the seeds and rinse the eyes with the water slowly and properly. Doing so will help in the reduction of swelling in your eyes because it is said that the seeds have the property to reduce swelling.
  2. The second home remedy is to use the Aloe. Aloe is one of the best products that reduce the swelling and redness from our eyes. To use aloe, cut a small piece of aloe leaf lengthwise and use the pulpy area to put it over the affected area. If you are not able to find the aloe leaf, you can also go with the cotton dipped in aloe juice. You can easily find the aloe juice in any pharmacist shop. Moreover, for a better result, you can mix the aloe juice along with the chamomile tea.
  3. You can also use potatoes to get rid of the stye. All you need to do is to convert the potatoes into the paste and spread the paste on a clean and soft cloth properly. Once done, gently and firmly apply the paste over the stye to get the instant comfort.

5 Ways: How To Deal With A Breakup?

Ever experienced that crushing pain in your heart not being caused by a cardiac disease? Have you ever cried yourself at night because of memories that keep on coming back to you? Do you find yourself staring nowhere and thinking about what ifs? Well, if you do, I believe that you must have been through a recent break up or still in love with your ex and cannot move on.

How To Deal With A Breakup?

How To Deal With A BreakupYou might think that it’s the end of everything because you gave your all to that person. You have fallen in love… hard. You made him your world. You made him your everything. It was always you and him. Then all of a sudden, it just vanished. Gone. You are here left crying and depress while you don’t know what happened to your ex. Or maybe you still do know because you have common friends who provide you with details about him after you separate ways.

How to deal with break-ups are really hard. But here’s what you need to realize. Everyone you know had a break-up experience at least once in their lives and they survived it. So why can’t you? Right? Dealing with a break-up is all about proper mindset and willfulness of your heart. Yes, it’s true that your heart might be broken but hey, it’s still beating! You just need to sew the pieces together again and you can do this without that person. As a matter of fact, you should do this on your own for yourself.

Now, you keep in mind that bolded letters up there, I want to help you know how to deal with a break-up. This is for you. Not for anyone else.

I know that a break-up is too painful for someone who truly loves. I experienced it first hand and it honestly took me quite a long time to move on. These are the steps that I did during my own break-up which I know will also help you accept the fact, move on and be a better person after the heartache.

1. Have Time With Yourself First

So, how to deal with a breakup? Well, you need to be alone with yourself but do not use this alone time to be lonely and depress. Don’t dwell on that pity and heartbreaking feeling. Instead, have this time with yourself to reflect on that relationship. What were the good things? What were the bad?

Go back to the reason of why you broke up and understand why you ended the relationship. With a great understanding of the cause of ending your relationship, it will help you to accept things easier. Also, use this alone time to reflect and re-discover yourself. If there are good things that have change in you while you are in that relationship, keep it and nurture it because this will become handy once you start a new relationship again. If you develop something bad and it may or may not be the reason of your break-up, throw it away. You now realize that it is bad, so there is no point in keeping that trait along with you as it might also ruin your future relationships. During this time, you have to accept the fact that you are no longer together and from that time on, you should live and deal with it.

2. Go Out With Friends And Families

Losing one person doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world for you. You still have to enjoy. Enjoy life with your family; catch up with your friends. When you were in that relationship, you have limited time to enjoy the company of others because you tend to spend more time with your ex-partner. Since you spent too much time with him/her, you became dependent and you got use to spending activities with him/her making the break-up process hard because you can’t go grocery or do other activities without thinking about him if you do it together before. But with the presence of families and friends for support, you will be able to distract yourself from that thought.

You may remember him/her for awhile, but you can divert your attention if you have company to talk to while doing those certain activities. While going out with a company, you can forget everything. Distraction is the key to forgetting and this is a very helpful way to forget your past.

3. Love And Rediscover Yourself

This is my greatest realization ever. No one can love myself better than me. Not him. Not her. Just me. Once you love yourself, you’ll realize your worth. Take note that you are very priceless. You’re a gem. You’re a star. You should be taken care of and not left out there to cry. When you learned to love yourself, you become someone new. You tend to forget the negativities of life and you rediscover yourself. You may return to old hobbies or try new ones that you never thought you will be interested in.

With loving yourself comes the will to mend your heart as you realize that no one should have any reason to make you cry nor hurt you. With loving yourself comes a new realization that you have a bigger and brighter world out there waiting for you to explore. And with loving yourself, you become worthy of who you really are.

With all of these positivity in your life now, it will make you happy. A person who is happy in his/her life will not hold hatred anymore, thus, forgiving comes in easy. You can forgive the person who broke your heart and caused you those sleepless nights and that painful heart. Once you have forgiven your ex, trust me, a big burden will be lifted off your shoulder and your heart will feel lighter.

4. Talk To Your Ex

Yes, talk to your ex. You might be surprised that I included this one and you might say that there is no reason to talk to him/her anymore because from the last 3 steps, you have already accepted, forgot and forgave. But then again, I have my own reasons as to why I included this one.

First, you’ll only know that you have truly moved on and dealt with the whole break-up process well if you meet the person who caused it and you feel nothing. So okay, you may still feel a slight thump on your heart or you may still care for that person, but that just it… a thump and a care. Nothing more, nothing less. The thump may be caused by that missing him/her feeling. However, missing a person doesn’t really mean it’s still romantic. You can miss a friend or a family member without a romantic feeling, right? Same goes with this one. You might miss your activities together or the person himself/herself but that doesn’t mean that there is still that romantic feeling of love. And the care? Well, it’s normal that you care for a person. You even help a stranger in need because you care even if you don’t know that person. How much more if you do?

Secondly, you are given enough time to heal your wound. The three steps before this one, made sure of that. You cannot complete that alone time with yourself in a day, go out with your family and friends the day after and rediscover yourself on the third day. No. Those three steps take several months to complete and by then, you will be surprise that time has healed all your wounds and you are ready to face another challenge of full recovery. So, basically, meeting and talking to your ex is very essential and perhaps the hardest but this step holds the key result to finally let everything go away.

5. Meet New People

You may ask me as to why I put this on the very last step when most people advice that you do this right after a break-up to divert your attention and distract you from sadness. Well, the answer to that is very simple. You do not want a rebound relationship.

It may be true that you may find new love right after a break-up. But who are you kidding anyway? You cannot love yet when you have that anger or pain in your heart. Falling in love means having a clean heart that is ready to love and risk getting hurt again because love is not all roses and chocolates.

When you meet people right after a break-up, you are weak and vulnerable. Men and women alike tend to take advantage of your vulnerability and instead of the distraction and happiness you get from that new meet up, you might be off for another heartache without healing the previous one first.

Now, I put this on the very last step on how to fully recover and deal with a break-up because on the previous steps, you were healing yourself all throughout the process. You had acceptance, you forget, you forgive and you let go. This is the best time to meet new people because you are fully healed. This is the best time to widen your connections. This is the best time to get to know others and maybe, this is the best time for you to meet a new person to fall in love again with. And maybe, this is person is the best for you to spend your life forever with.

Indeed, break-ups are hard and recovering from it takes a long process. You can make shortcuts though, but I tell you that these shortcuts will not fully heal your heart and can do more harm than good as it can destroy future relationships once the past comes back. Hence, taking the long journey to recovery and making sure that the past have been settled, will be more of an advantage. Just be patient. Everything has its own proper time and once it’s the right time for you, trust me, everything will fall into its rightful place and you will be happy.

Why Does My Cat Bite Me? – 4 True Reasons Behind

While researching about few things on cats, we came across a very frequently asked question from different pet owners saying that – why does my cat bite me. As a cat owner, you must have certainly experienced its licks and bites. Now these are very common behaviors in cats. We are not going to focus on cat licks here. We will list you down the reasons when and why a cat exhibits such a behavior.

Why Does My Cat Bite Me?

Why Does My Cat Bite Me

A cat bites a person for different reasons. Usually, they do this to communicate and bond with you. However, its bites can mean something else too. To know more about your cat, it is important that you understand and learn its body language. Though there are many things a cat does to communicate with you, we are here to tell you the various reasons for its biting behavior. Check them out.

1. It Is Showing Its Affection

A mama cat always licks and nibbles her kittens after their birth. In fact, the first thing they experience after coming into this world is “licking and nibbling”. A cat is trying to do the same, which once his or her mom did. Gentle nibbling and licking is always a cat’s way of showing its love for you. So, the primary reason why do cats bite is because they love you to the core. Just like humans kiss and hug each other to show their affection, cats do this by either licking or biting gently. Never tell or ignore when your cat show this behavior all of a sudden because it is very natural for a cat to do so.

2. Because It Is Stressed

Few cats take biting and licking a step further and start to suckle a person’s clothing or skin. If this sounds more like your cat’s situation, then know that he or she is stressed. Since stress is one of the major cat behavior problems, it is important to take proper actions immediately before the case worsens. Behavior like stress likely results when a kitten leaves her littermates and mom too soon. Probably, suckling is something a cat finds it comforting to do and might increase eventually. It is okay to leave your cat with it if it doesn’t bothers you but we truly do not recommend this because such a behavioral problem might worsen.

3. Over-Stimulation

A cat becomes over-stimulated when petting or play continues in excess. You will notice that his or her tail begins to twitch. Also, you can observe that angry look on his or her face. Before even you realize what is happening with the cat, he or she might have bitten your hand. Now, there isn’t a way to train a cat not to turn over-stimulated. It all comes down to a pet owner and the way he or she understands what his or her cat is trying to communicate. Give your cat little freedom. If his or her ears are back, tail is wagging and body is stiffening – let it happen because these are certain signs that tell you to back off. Few cats will cuddle, purr and go all the way to over-stimulation within few seconds. If this sounds more like your cat’s situation, it is critical to learn his or her signals.

4. Because It Is In A Play Mood

A cat bites and licks as a part of play. In fact, a kitten, which leaves his or her littermates too early, might not learn the boundaries and continue to play rough (by biting) even as an adult. Mama cat and littermates squeal and stop to play when kittens get rough. Moreover, staying with the family for a long time naturally trains a cat not to bite very hard. Now, if your cat is licking and biting in excess, try teaching him or her not to bite. Walk away whenever he or she plays too rough. Eventually, a cat realizes that this is something you don’t like and stops this behavior.

How To Stop A Cat From Biting? – 4 Tricks That Help

To be honest, it is little hard to train an adult cat from biting if he or she has been already used to. On the other hand, a kitten is easier to train. A gentle love bite is completely okay but if it is hard and excess – it truly hurts us! A behavior of this kind for one or two times is completely fine but you might not like it if this happens often. Learn how to stop cat from biting with the tips listed below:

  1. Meet A Vet

For a safe side, it is better to have your cat examined by a vet. Often, sudden bites is a sign of “aggression” or “pain”. Your kitty might be completely okay when you pet him or her on certain body parts but once you hit that tender part, he or she might react aggressively. Therefore, it is vital that you have your cat checked in order to ensure that there isn’t any injury.

  1. Please Do Not Punish

Punishing, hitting, yelling or making your cat starve just to make him or her to stop biting behavior is something not advised. This will only worsen the situation. It makes a cat more aggressive. You might even damage the kind of bond you share with your cat. Understand that a behavior like biting is very natural in cats. As a pet owner, you should learn your cat’s body language and train accordingly.

  1. Avert Your Look

Avoid making an eye-to-eye contact with your cat, especially when you sense that he or she is waiting to grab or bite you. Staring your cat directly at such times can encourage him or her to bite more. Instead, divert your cat into something else.

  1. Divert Your Cat

It is very important to play with your cat. Always keep few interactive toys handy. Say for example, pole toys. Whenever you observe your kitty getting angst or you sense an attack from him, divert your cat’s attention to the toys.

18 Creative Ways To Announce Pregnancy To Family

Are you ready to blast the news to the family? But still unsure how to do it the right way? We will tell you the finest creative ways to announce pregnancy to family. So, what’s cooking? Seriously! It is bland and boring to present the news without a tinge of drama. So, are you curious already how not to make the announcement anti-climatic? We will tell you how.

Here are 22 ways to keep that moment the best in your life. Hey! You mustn’t read half and head out already. Ensure you read all the way till number 22. Good luck announcing your pregnancy.

Creative Ways To Announce Pregnancy To Family1. Announcing With Baby Books

If you have kids in the home already, you can prepare them using a children’s book. Indicate to them about the arrival of a sibling. If you do not have any children yet, you can take a picture of yourself posing with a baby names book and them spread the word. Am certain nobody can miss that.

2. Spread The Word With Baby Shoes

Them tiny shoes can go a long way to telling the story of an expectant mother. So, why not use them to give the world a hint of your happiness?

3. Chalkboard Magic

There is nothing a chalkboard can’t do in terms of creativity. So, why not chalk your message and spread the word about your baby’s arrival. If you are willing to sacrifice a wall for your munchkin, you can experiment with chalkboard paint. It’ll help you keep it tad bit versatile

4. Announcing With Balloons

Take a handful of balloons and write your due date on those balloons and put them all over the place. Invite your unsuspecting friends for coffee and let them find out “Expect an unexpected pop!”

5. Hash Tags (#)

It takes skill to use the hashtags in a right manner, but if you know how, you will soon be using it to your advantage to announcing the pregnancy. Alternatively, you can use the hash signs to number your kids. That is, if this pregnancy is isn’t your first, you can write down # two on the sign.

6. Using Birth Year To Announce

You can write down the birth year of each member of your family when nobody is at home. You can use a chalkboard or a craft paper to get creative and make sure you put them on a wall that is prominently visible when your family returns home.

7. Road Signs

Who says road signs can’t announce pregnancy? NO, we aren’t referring to actual road signs but the part where you hold a creative sign that says “Bump Ahead” and taking a picture of your baby bump. The chances are when people spot you with a baby bump holding such a sign they get the message straight. Hey! After all isn’t that what a traffic sign is supposed to do?

8. Try The Countdown To Your Due Date

Now, isn’t it obvious to make the world stop and wonder what is happening when you start counting to something important let’s say… a baby? You can use countdown blocks, countdown maternity shirts, or a countdown paper chain.

9. “Baby on Board” sign

It is a straightforward approach to getting the message across. Just stick this easy to read sign on your car and drive around the block or you can just pose holding it. The chances are the message won’t be missed by those who read.

10. Using A Calendar To Announce

If you are somebody who would shy away from wanting to pose for a picture, you can try taking the picture of your due date marked on the calendar. Alternatively, you can also attach a picture of your ultrasound and baby shoes too. It will certainly light the bulbs in people’s mind.

11. The traditional “Bun in the Oven.”

It is one of the commonest expressions to announce a pregnancy. It’s simple, straight and unmistakable. So, take a picture of a bun in a real oven or rather you can choose to place the order for handmade salt dough buns and distribute it to your family and friends.

12. An Eviction Notice Maybe?

It is very clear that there is no stopping creativity. If you choose to take the hilarious way of conveying your pregnancy you should certainly try this method. When you little one is sleeping in the crib, snap a shot with a handwritten eviction notice asking to vacate the premises for the new occupant who is on the way.

13. Your Cravings Can Speak A Different Story

If you have cravings for certain foods like ice creams and pickles you can use that tell the world about your pregnancy. Snap photos of yourself feasting on your cravings. Certainly, a fun way to bring forth the spoiler alert.

14. Convey the Message Using Family Cups

If you have family cups for each member of the family, line them up for a photoshoot. Also, don’t forget to place a baby bottle along with your cups to convey that message upright. The newest addition will certainly need her family cup too or rather a baby bottle.

15. Empty Chair instead of cups

If you prefer having yourself in the frame, then instead of the family cups mentioned earlier, use chairs. Once all chairs are seated by occupants leave a tiny chair unoccupied. P.S. Who is it meant for? Any guesses?

16. Let Your Math Do The Talking

Math can leave many itching their heads. But, not if you do it the cute way. What is 1+1? 3 maybe? Oops! Is that you referring to a secret message? Maybe it is.

17. Use A Movie Poster To Announce The News

OK, for starters you will have to be aware of a little Photoshop. So if you are capable of designing basic things, you can use Photoshop to create an interesting poster starring your yet to arrive baby and send surprise emails to your family. Wait and find out how you will be applauded for your creativity.

18. The Prego Jar Magic

This one is truly interesting. Buy a Prego brand spaghetti sauce and let your family figure out the rest of the story.