5 Ways To Fix: Could Not Activate Cellular Data Network


Do you have problems in connecting your cellular phone to cellular data network? No need to worry because you are in the right place and I suggest you continue reading this. I will provide you with steps which you can manually do on your cellular phone to fix this problem.

Could Not Activate Cellular Data Network

Could Not Activate Cellular Data Network

If your cellular phone can connect to Wi-Fi data but can’t connect to cellular data network, the first thing you need to do is check the signal status of your phone. Maybe you can’t connect on the cellular data because you are in an out of coverage area. You need to make sure that you are within the coverage of your network service provider. If you can see the word Search or No Signal on your signal status bar then you really can’t connect on your cellular data network. If you are within the area of coverage then let us tweak some things using your phone.

1. Check Your Browser

Some internet issues are only because of the internet browser that you are currently opening. If this turns out to be the problem then you only have a minor internet issue. Open your browser; it is usually the icon that looks like a globe (it is located among the other applications of your phone). If it shows you an error message then try a different website. If it opens then you have no problem at all, the issue is not on your cellular data network but on the default homepage of your browser. If it still shows an error message then I suggest you continue reading this because I am going to tell you how to fix it on your own.

2. Check The Signal Or Network Status

Check your signal status bar again; if it only shows one or two bars then the issue must be the signal strength of your network provider. You can move to other areas until you have three or more bars and try again. If you are able to connect this time, then the problem is with your location. However, if you still can’t connect your cellular phone to the cellular data network, then let us move on to the next possible issue.

3. Check For The “Airplane Mode”

Make sure that your phone is not on Airplane mode. Go to the settings of your phone and uncheck the Airplane mode. Or simply swipe down on the home screen of your android phone; you can see an airplane icon, give it a long press and you will be directed to the settings. If your phone is not on Airplane mode then try rebooting your phone for two minutes and check your internet again. If your internet is still not working, try turning the Airplane mode on and turn your android phone off for two minutes. After two minutes turn it on again and turn the Airplane mode off, make sure your data cellular network is still on and try if the internet works. If it is still not working then let us try to fix other issues.

4. Your Mobile Data Network

The next thing you have to check is your mobile data network. Generally, you need to tap on the menu icon, usually at the bottom center or bottom left of your home screen. You will then have access to all the applications in your phone. Tap on the settings icon then select wireless and networks. You can then see the mobile network check box, make sure that the check box was selected or checked.  Also, on the same screen, select data enabled and use packet data. After that, tap on network operators and check if your network provider was selected. If not, you can automatically select the correct network provider or you can manually do so. If adjustments were made, then check on your internet again because it might have been fixed already. However, if there is still a problem, then let us check on your data limit.

Still on the settings of your android phone, select data usage. It will show you a graph and usually at the top of it is the limit data network check box. If it is checked then simply uncheck it. This is used for limiting your data network to the available data you have. In that way, if you have your extra load then it will be prevented from being used up. If you already unchecked it, you can now try if your internet is working. If it is still not working then let us check your APN settings.

If you are still on the data usage screen, just tap back until you’re on the wireless and network settings. If you’re on your home screen then simply tap the menu icon, select settings and tap on wireless and network. Look for proxy settings (or tap access point names for some android phones) and tap clear (or tap new APN for some android phones) then simply fill in the APN settings of your cellular data network. If you can’t see these settings on your phone then I suggest that you look for the specific guide on your android phone’s model in accessing the proxy settings. To be safe, search for the correct APN settings of your network provider online. If your internet connection is still not working, then maybe it’s time to try the last resort.

5. Check All Your Files

Check your files. If those are important for you then better have a back up. It’s very simple. Just connect your phone to a personal computer or laptop, be sure to connect it as a media device (MTP) to allow you to transfer media files. You can change the USB options in the USB computer connection settings; your android phone will notify you if you want to change it. Create a folder and name it whatever you want and transfer all the important files in that folder. Now you are ready to perform a hard reset. Remember that this will wipe out everything in your device. This will usually fix everything because it sets the phone back to its factory default settings. So if your internet issue is caused by software, virus or incorrect settings then your android phone will definitely be fixed.

Remember, if your android phone is still can’t activate your cellular data network then it is already out of the things you can manually do. I suggest you let a technician check it or you can contact your network service provider.