21 Successful Celebrities Who Also Are Entrepreneurs


    While looking at the Hollywood celebrities, you may always have given a thought as to how much their lives are easy. They have all the facilities and royalties anyone wants in his or her life. You may also have seen numerous celebrities endorsing a particular brand by becoming the brand ambassadors of the same. The reason is, to reach out to the common people, these brands or companies are ready to throw money on the movies or sports personalities so that they can attach their names with their products. However, not all starts or celebrities get such kind of opportunities and being a star does not mean guaranteed success. Therefore, there are numerous celebrities in the Hollywood, who have left their comfort zone and have moved to the entrepreneurial side. Seeing this paradigm shift, more and more stars of movies, sitcoms, musicians, sports persons are gaining interest in starting their businesses. To inform you more about the same here is presented a list of 21 successful Celebrities Who Also are Entrepreneurs.

    It does not mean that every venture that a celebrity starts becomes a world-renowned business enterprise. However, no matter how many obstacles and odds they had to face, they rose every time and not only became the successful entrepreneurs but the titans of the business world. Moreover, their companies have multimillion or multibillion dollars valuation. Yes, we agree that the fame helps them, but starting and running a successful business is not just about the fame. It needs more than that, a sound business plan, quality products, proper marketing strategies and many more. If you do not have all these factors in your business, no matter how much famous you are, after a certain point, even your fame will not work for you.

    21 Celebrities Who Also Are Entrepreneurs

    Now, let us have a look on those awesome and beautiful celebrities, who have earned a big name in the business world, with a sound business plan, superb marketing strategies, and quality products.

    21. Jessica Alba

    Jessica Alba

    Yes, you heard it right. The star of your favorite movies like Sin City, Into The Blue, Fantastic Four and many more, Jessica Alba is a very successful entrepreneur. Now you may ask how all it started? It started with an allergic reaction from a detergent. After going through this allergic reaction, Alba decided to start a company that will offer completely non-toxic options. However, as mentioned above, starting a business is never an easy option. Therefore, in her case, it took some time for the common people to take her seriously, and that some time was of three years because it was more than the normal idea. After going through serious and hard times, finally Jessica was able to convince Brian Lee from LegalZoom to join the venture. Following this, she launched the company with the name ‘The Honest Co.’ in the year 2011. From the day of its launch, the company tripled its revenue to $150 million in 2014. Moreover, the current valuation of the company is around $1 billion.

    20. Dr. Dre

    Dr. Dre

    No matter how old you are, you must have heard the name of great headphone company creator Dr. Dre. Everybody is familiar with the entrepreneurial success of Dr. Dre (real name: Andre Romelle Young). He started the world renowned headphone company Beats Electronics, partnering with Interscope Geffen A&M Records chairperson Jimmy Iovine. This was formed because there was a joint disappointment between Beats and Apple’s earbuds. After the launch of Beats in 2006, it gained popularity so fast and became the headphone giant all over the world. After becoming the cultural phenomenon, in May 2014, Apple bought the company for around $3.2 billion.

    19. Paul Newman

    Paul Newman

    The star of ‘Somebody Up There Likes Me’, Paul Newman is also an entrepreneur but in a different way. The 100 percent money, which he has generated by now from his company Newman’s Own, is donated to the charity, instead of adding to his wealth. Newman’s Own is one of the most successful food companies in the world now. Starting with just one product, salad dressing, in the present times, the company is selling everything from popcorn to the frozen pizzas. After founding company in the year 1982, Paul has donated around $430 million in the wide variety of charities.

    18. Jennifer Aniston

    Jennifer Aniston

    Famously known for her character ‘Rachel’ from the sitcom ‘Friends,’ Jennifer Aniston is also a well-known entrepreneur in the business world. You may be aware of the fact that Jennifer’s hairstyle became the synonymous in the 1990s for around a decade. Therefore, there is no doubt that this celebrity has earned a reputation in the hair-care industry. She is the co-owner of the Living Proof, a company that focuses on the simplification of hair-care processes that is founded by the biotech scientists from MIT at Cambridge, Massachusetts. From the day of its launch, currently the company is selling its products in more than 1,000 locations all over the world.

    17. Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson

    Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson

    No one would have ever given a thought that someday the great basketball legend, Earvin Johnson, will be one of the world’s biggest business giants. After leaving NBA, Earvin has accumulated a large amount of franchises. Some of the franchises that Earvin has accumulated include AMC/Magic Johnson Movie Theatres, burger giant Burger King and fitness giant 24 Hour Fitness. Moreover, his own Magic Johnson Enterprises also owns a network television called Aspire television. Apart from all the above accumulations and franchises, Earvin has also partly owned Los Angeles Dodgers. The net worth of MJE or Magic Johnson Enterprises is round $1 billion.

    16. Jessica Simpson

    Jessica Simpson

    Your favorite singer, Jessica Simpson may not have reached the heights in her singing career, but her sense for fashion is unmatched and proved lucrative. This one-time Newlyweds star has recently sold the part ownership in the Jessica Simpson Collection to the Sequential Brands. However, the amount of the deal has not been disclosed. After this purchase, the stocks of Sequential burgeoned to more than 12 percent. It did not come as a surprise because the annual retail sales for the brand was estimated about $1 billion.

    15. 50 Cents

    50 Cents

    Curtis Jackson, the world famous rapper and primarily known by his stage name 50 Cents, is the owner of the world’s renown headphone venture and business outlet SMS Audio. However, many of you may not know, but Curtis Jackson or 50 Cents has a long history as an entrepreneur. During his early years, he hit a home run through his first investment. He bought the stake from beverage company Glaceau. Later, The Coca-Cola Company bought Glaceau for around $4.1 billion, which gave Curtis around $100 million after paying all the taxes. Apart from aforementioned investments, he also has run two companies of film production. He is also the founder of a company that manufactures energy drinks and runs a promotion for boxing.