13 Famous People With Dyslexia


Celebrities and famous people are no different species from us, when it comes to some biological or psychological disorders. Dyslexia is one such disorder that has been associated with several famous people, since times immemorial. Moreover, knowing that a bunch of those dyslexic people overcame the odds of life and became successful in their respective fields, gives inspiration to common people. In this article, we will discuss – what is dyslexia, symptoms and causes of dyslexia and famous people with dyslexia.

What Is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a learning disability in which person finds it difficult to deal with written content, especially spelling and reading. It is noteworthy that dyslexia is a neurological disorder and not any intellectual disability. There are 3 different types of dyslexia- visual, auditory and attentional. There is no complete cure for dyslexia. But individuals with this disorder can learn to read as well as write with proper treatment and education.

According to some researchers, about 5 to 9 percentages of school-aged kids in the USA are suffering from dyslexia.

Symptoms Of Dyslexia

  • In spite of receiving support from parents and appropriate teaching, a child has difficulty in learning to read.
  • A child learns to crawl, walk, catch things, talk, ride a bicycle etc, later than other children of the same age. In short, all milestones are reached later than normal time.
  • The child has a difficulty with speech like mispronouncing, inability to rhyme, inability to differentiate between different word sounds.
  • Delay in learning data sets like alphabets, colors, days of the week, months of the year etc.
  • The child has confusion between right and left, most of the time.
  • The child does not show required co-ordination skills according to his/her age.
  • Child may often reverse the numbers and letters, unknowingly.
  • Child writes different spelling for one word on the same page. He/she may learn a spelling one day and may entirely forget it on the other day.
  • The child may have phonology problems, meaning that he/she may be able to pronounce only the first and last parts of a word, properly.
  • Most of the dyslexic children have difficulty in concentration.
  • These children cannot put forward their ideas in a sequence.
  • Many of the children with dyslexia develop autoimmune conditions like asthma, hay fever and other allergies.

Causes Of Dyslexia

  • Occurrence of dyslexia may be a genetic defect in some people. According to researchers, dyslexia is a heritable learning disorder.
  • Some individual may have acquired dyslexia after birth due to brain stroke, injury or any trauma.
  • In some people, it occurs due to impairment of phonological processing.

13 Famous People with Dyslexia

1. Alexander Graham Bell

famous personalities with dyslexia
Image Courtesy: GeoBeats News

The inventor of the much-needed telephone had difficulty at school due to problems in learning. He always got poor grades. He became very sensitive to disabilities, as his mother started showing deafness symptoms, when he was just twelve years old. This urged him to attempt to make equipment that could make deaf people hear. He ended up inventing telephone, which become a life line of the modern world.

2. Albert Einstein

famous persons with dyslexia
Image Courtesy: Sejfo Becirbasic

Albert Einstein never learned to tie his shoe laces properly. He used to fail to understand simplest of things and had a very bad memory. But he could solve complicated mathematical issues. His contribution to the field of science is enormous and his theories are still followed.

3. Walt Disney

famous cartoonist who overcame dyslexia
Image Courtesy: thewaltdisneycompany.com

Walt Disney had a reading disorder. But he managed to go to a regular school and fine-arts academy when he was in high-school. He did not let dyslexia become a hurdle in his way and became a successful actor, director, producer, screenwriter, animator, voice actor, entrepreneur and philanthropist. His contributions in the field of entertainment are incomparable.

4. Richard Branson

famous businessmen who overcame dyslexia
Image Courtesy: www.forbes.com

This man owns over 360 companies under the Virgin brand. During childhood, he had a very poor performance at school. At present, he is not only a successful entrepreneur, but also the owner of several world records.

5. Tom Cruise

actor personality who overcame dyslexi
Image Courtesy: www.closerweekly.com

Tom Cruise has admitted that he was a victim of child abuse due to dyslexia. He changed fifteen schools in a span of twelve years. Now, he is a successful actor and film producer.

6. Agatha Christie

famous personalities who overcame dyslexia
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As a child, Agatha Christie was dyslexic. This did not become a hindrance to her creativity and passion for writing. Her books are a delight to read. Over 4 billion copies of her works have been sold and are still selling.

7. Pablo Picasso

important personalities who had dyslexia
Image Courtesy: www.theguardian.com

Pablo Picasso had to discontinue from parochial school education due to his dyslexia. It inspired him to paint everything in a way that he saw and felt them. His unique style of painting became famous worldwide. Today he is a revered personality in the field of art.

8. Jennifer Aniston

top personalities who overcame dyslexia
Image Courtesy: www.nydailynews.com

As a child, Jennifer always thought that she was not smart and had to get prescription glasses because of being dyslexic. In her 20s, she discovered her true talent and went on to become a star of the most beloved T.V. shows and Hollywood movies.

9. Dale S. Brown

woman who overcame dyslexia
Image Courtesy: www.newdream.org

She is an author and strategic leadership consultant in the United States. As a dyslexic, she has done much of social work for the betterment of others who are suffering from the same disorder.

10. Magic Johnson

famous sports player with dyslexia

Image Courtesy: latino.foxnews.com

Magic Johnson was a basketball player in the American National Basketball Association. He has retired now. He is very popular with his dribbling and passing skills in the basketball court.

11. Nelson Rockefeller

sucessful politician who overcame dyslexiaHe was dyslexic in childhood. This did not hinder his progress. He became the forty-first Vice President of the United States. He was also a governor of New York. He was a successful businessman and a philanthropist.

12. George Patton

sucessful war hero who overcame dyslexia
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George Smith Patton did not attend school until the age of eleven years. After graduation, he joined Virginia Military Institute. He became a highly skilled U.S. Army General in the Second World War.

13. Jamie Oliver

famous chef personality who overcame dyslexia

Image Courtesy: www.bigissue.com

According to him he completed reading his first book after 38 years of age. He is a celebrity chef. He has launched some best-selling cookbooks and T.V. shows. He owns many restaurants and has his line of cookware.